Extremely sharp claws Gothic Manicure Nail Quills

successfully matched in color and form any manicure nails make neat and attractive.Although the aesthetic idea of ​​how really should look well-groomed female hands, every individual, yet fashion dictates its own rules.For example, not every man will come to the delight of the long claws of his girlfriend.Well, maybe, if it's about passionate scratches on his back.And what communion with too "clawed" ladies may bring to the trauma center.But the designers of the safety of the stronger sex is clearly not worried: otherwise, acute NEW Nail Quills - Gothic chic nail tips, obviously did not get to the market.

truly legendary in the world of Neil art personality Mike Pocock (Mike Pocock) urges the ladies to release the claws.To do this, it is not necessary to grow (or increase) long nails - manicures can be examples of Gothic design with Tipsy Nail Quills.Their black-and-silver color and extremely pointed shape will make any girl, at least in Catwoman and the main star at a party in honor of Halloween.

Extreme overhead claws Mike Pocock is designed specifically for the English brand tools Nail Illamasqua.New perfectly fit into their last decadent collection called Theatre of the Nameless, inspired by gloomy subcultures and, accordingly, Good nightlife.So tips for Gothic Manicure Nail Quills good complement dark matt lacquer colors with "rubberized" effect, which can be easily found in the brand.

The Gothic manicure kit consists of only two claws, which Mike calls decorate thumbs.Tips packaged in a beautiful matte box and the dark can be a wonderful gift to all lovers of gothic chic.Included is also a special glue.

you reckon yourself to fans of sharp nails or not, one fact hard to argue: Mike Pocock succeeded in creating not just another accessory for Neil art, and quite independent and original decoration.

wear or not to wear - that's the question.If the answer is still "wearing", the sharp tips can be purchased from online stores for 35 pounds.

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