Unbeaten people - people, is the rear, that's us!

whole history of the Russian state (whatever name it may bore in different periods of its existence) is penetrated by a continuous chain of trials, deprivation, wars.But there is no war without victory, and every Russian is proud of their ancestors aware that the word "Russia" and "victory" has always stood side by side.

Who with a sword to us will come to the earth and lie

Not long historical path of our motherland any extended period without war.On our land, we come all and sundry.Aggressors always attracted the limitless expanse of our fields, our wealth of mineral resources, advantageous geographical location of the country.But they did not consider the main factor - the mysterious Russian soul.This becomes the determining factor, and it is thanks to the breadth, nobility, and especially this very Russian soul of our people won a victory after victory.On our land come in our own land were hundreds of thousands of invaders: the hordes of Batu, the Polish Legions, Napoleonic regiments Nazi divisions ... remember them all, and difficult, but the Russians honor the glorious deeds of their heroes!

Our great ancestors proved that the Russian people is invincible.Blood, sweat, at the cost of incredible effort and great hardship ancestors forged the victory on Kulikovo field and in the steppes of Poltava;defended Sevastopol and took Paris;own hands burned Moscow and stormed Vienna;bleeds near Smolensk, fought to the death in Brest and near Volokolamsk, finished off the fascist beast in Berlin.

What is invincible?

Yes, the Russian people is invincible (proven by history).But what it is - to be invincible people?How this is achieved at the expense of what?If you think there are a few inextricably linked things:

  • Undefeated people - people.The most common, the most simple.They can be quite different attitudes to the rulers (sometimes negative) may have completely different political or religious beliefs, belong to a completely different nationalities, but all stand shoulder to shoulder, if you want to defend their homeland.In this unison they do sometimes impossible, winning in spite of circumstances and common sense.Every war brings thousands of unknown exploits these nameless heroes.

  • Undefeated people - it's outstanding leaders and military commanders.Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donskoy, Ivan the Terrible, Minin and Pozharsky, Peter I and Catherine the Great, Suvorov, Kutuzov, Bagration, Nakhimov, Benkendorf, Brusilov, Budyonny, Kotovsky, Rokossovsky, Konev, Zhukov and Stalin - these and thousands of other commanders andrulers took responsibility to lead men into battle and forged the Victory.
  • Undefeated people - it's rear.When men take up arms and go to war, and their place is taken by his wife and children.Cultivate the land, to work in the factories, to treat the wounded and care for the infirm, to supply the front with everything you need - all this excessive load falls on the shoulders of the remaining fragile.This is a very heavy responsibility, it is a huge challenge, but if there is a strong base, if there is somewhere to go back after the war, the participants will necessarily return with victory.Historically proved!
  • Undefeated people - that's us.We are now living;We, for whom were all the achievements of our ancestors, we are the same people are invincible!As long as we remember their accomplishments, as we do not forget their heroic deeds until we realize the full value of their lives - we do not break anyone, because we have a piece of them.

unity of the people

And under no circumstances should not forget that our strength - our unity.It does not matter what name wore this or that person and what he was nationality.Barclay de Tolly, Bagration, Benkendorf, Kappel, Baghramyan, Stalin - they were no less Russian than Menshikov, Nakhimov, Suvorov, Kutuzov, Samsonov, Zhukov.Because they fought for their country - for Russia.For the country where they were born, grew up and which was considered an honor to fight and die.And hoisted the flag over the Reichstag Smolyanin Mikhail Yegorov, a Ukrainian Alexei Berest and Megrels Meliton Kantaria.Remember: When people are united - it is invincible!

Peace to you!