Industrial greenhouses.

industrial greenhouses are an integral part of the farm.They are used for fast growing fruit and vegetables out of season.The main purpose of this design - it is the continued support of optimal microclimate inside the greenhouse.So it is possible to obtain an excellent and high yields.

characteristics and properties of industrial greenhouses

crop that was grown in the greenhouse, gives a unique advantage - a year-round collection of fruits and vegetables, regardless of the season.That is why they are in high demand and are necessary for the cultivation of a large variety of crops.

Today there are modern greenhouse system, which includes a semi-circular arch or gable roof.Industrial greenhouses equipped with arch structure, easy to use and inexpensive to manufacture.It should be noted that the snow load is distributed as uniformly as possible over the surface.

There are an important and integral component of any hothouse - is the availability of communications.They will help to maintain regular climate in the greenhouse at the proper level.Particular attention should be paid to the heating system for irrigation, as well as the lighting of interior space.

Materials for industrial greenhouses

Modern industrial greenhouses in most cases are made of high quality polycarbonate.All designs are less often used, which are made of glass or a specially designed film.Under the base of the glass is necessary to build expensive metal frames, which greatly affect the final cost of construction.

Today, a material such as polycarbonate, is the most robust and reliable thanks to its cellular structure.It is quite lightweight, has a low weight, it is very easy collect, mount the man alone, without the services of specialists.Industrial greenhouse polycarbonate able to replace glass design, so are in great demand and popularity.

can be identified and polyethylene film, which is a worthy replacement for polycarbonate.This material is perfect for areas where there are strong winds and large hail.Polycarbonate film is much thinner, but its cost is much smaller.

methods and ways of heating greenhouses

Heating industrial greenhouses plays an important role in the proper cultivation of vegetable crops.If you want to harvest all year round, it is best to take care of the heating.Only in this way will be able to operate a greenhouse all year round, respectively, and generate income.

There are several methods you can use to heat the greenhouse during the winter:

  • Solar heat - it is a simple and common method.One does not have to wrestle and to mount special equipment indoors.The greenhouse is heated in the daytime by solar rays.
  • biological method of heating.It is based on the location of the special live microorganisms which are capable to generate heat.Industrial greenhouses, winter design can be heated by means of horse manure.
  • electrical methods.In the modern world it is the most productive way to any heating greenhouses.He is well-proven in the winter when the temperature drops to the limit value.For electrical heating methods include air heater unit, electric heaters and convection system.

Benefits greenhouse gas heating in the winter

worth noting that gas heating is considered to be the most optimal way, which is excellent value for money.The method used was based on a variety of devices using a process that can release hot combustion air flows.Devices can be called gas generators, according to the principle of operation, they have a certain similarity with thermal generators.

During operation of gas heating appliances in the air is a useful emission of carbon dioxide, which is the most useful plants.

Growing vegetables in greenhouses

industrial greenhouses designed for growing vegetables, fruits and berries, which become an integral part of any agriculture.The soil in them should be well hydrated and podkormlena.From time to time it is necessary to protect against disease-causing pathogens, as well as many other variety of negative factors.

excellent mixture of the soil - is the one that consists of a large number of components: peat, river sand, ash, humus and more.Today there are a large number of other soil mixtures, which can be used vegetable grower.