"Darling, you will become the Pope!" Or how to present the news of the pregnancy?

you have been waiting for this, looked for "pregnant" signs and Brad tests with two stripes, and this is a happy event occurred - you're pregnant!Of course, I want to immediately share the joy with your loved ones - the father of your child.And it turns out that this is not so easy, pregnancy in modern life - so uncommon event that I want to report it poeffektnee to convey their feelings and emotions, joy and excitement.Well, there are many ways to do this that are limited only by your imagination.

Tell you about some of them

First , if it is difficult to tell, it is easier to write.Even in our technological age it is not necessary to write sms or emails.In this case, it is appropriate to regular card, where you can express all your feelings, and can restrict a laconic "I'm pregnant!".If you are sure that a loved one is not shocking, you can invest in the same testik otkrytochku.

Second , you can go with the favorite in the traditional "children's" place: a circus, a zoo, and so on, and there, in the appropriate setting to announce the long-awaited news.

Third , if planned any celebration, the news can declare solemnly, in fact, having presented it as a kind of gift.Although, even if in the near future no particular reason not planned, festive romantic dinner can be arranged and just.

Fourth , if you for some reason do not want to say about her pregnancy in plain text, you can hint.Options for how to do it - a lot, ranging from complaints about the incomprehensible nausea in the morning and ending mysteriously mysteriously happily, which is particularly effective if the husband knows that before that you were at the gynecologist.Another way is to hint supposedly accidental forgetting a prominent place in the catalog of maternity clothing, books on child-rearing and other gizmos that are required in your state.

Fifth , gave her husband some gift that he would tell him about the future of fatherhood.Suffice it may simply be ordered at a photo t-shirt or a cup with an appropriate inscription.And you can close your children leave a shoe booties.If the spouse does not understand such a broad hint, gladden him that this shoe for your future baby.

If you do not want to beat around the bush, you can simply say, "Honey, we have a baby!" Without any special training, because such news, even if the pregnancy is planned and very desirable, may still lead toa state of shock.Therefore, you must first give her husband to realize the full extent of the importance of what is happening, and then arrange a holiday.You can pre-warn a spouse that you're going to do a pregnancy test, and then just come out and say that the result is positive.You can also go along to the doctor, and then he told the good news.

what not to do

Whichever method you choose, there are a few guidelines that you should adhere to, to give to his beloved, is called the "feel" the news of your pregnancy and adequately respond to it.First of all, note that should not be too tightened with a message about the pregnancy.After all, if he will start to notice the already rounded belly, it naturally the question arises, why are you silent, and this is a cause distrust.But to call at any time of day or night is not worth it, especially if the spouse is at work.It can be in the bustle just do not understand the significance of such an event.Also, do not talk about the pregnancy during an argument, it should not be the way to reconciliation.It is better to wait until the dust settles passion, and in a pleasant environment to present the news.

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