Photojournalist Andrew Stenin: biography and cause of death

journalist's work is always fraught with danger.And probably the most difficult challenge is to choose according to conscience.This choice usually results in at any time of hypocritical honest people on the sacrificial altar of greed.And photographer Andrew Stenin, of course, was one of those victims.

Nugget from the province

future journalists Stenin Andrey was born in the Republic of Komi, namely in the town of Pechora, December 22, 1980.His mother, who was widowed in 2012, working at the National Centre of Hygiene and Epidemiology in the post-paramedic laboratory.Besides him, the children in the family was no more.Cravings for journalism, he showed early on, so the issue with the choice of a profession he was not.So after graduating from high school in his native Andrew Stenin in 2003 he moved to Moscow.

Unfortunately, more details about his life before moving to the capital is not.Open sources are no data on its preferences on how he went to school, which he graduated from the Institute and what was dictated by the choice of profession, and the more voluntary missions in hot spots that during his short career, he had seen a lot.

Early career

arrived in the white-stone, he began to work in the information-analytical edition of "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".His professional career Andrey Stenin, biography which, unfortunately, turned out to be so short, it started as a journalist and wrote under the heading "Company".After that, several years worked in the information Internet portal "Times".Devote themselves to the genre of documentary photos he decided only after five years from the beginning of his career.Andrew Stenina works as a photojournalist were mostly devoted to emergencies, riots, lawsuits and military conflicts.

Freelance work

Andrew Stenin, photos which have an amazing ability to snatch the very salt of the situation in a few years has become quite popular in the market fotokorrespondentsii.At the same time he was a Visiting Fellow at the major international news agencies Reuters, Associated Press, France Press, Russian agency "RIA Novosti" and "ITAR-TASS" and the newspaper "Kommersant".Andrew Stenin worked actively in the most dangerous hot spots in recent years: in Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip.

The staff of the agency "RIA Novosti" he got in 2009.In late 2013, the agency has been liquidated, the corresponding decree was signed by President Vladimir Putin.On its basis it was formed by the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "International Information Agency" Russia Today "."Andrew Stenin - a journalist, a photo of which were already known - was designed as a special correspondent for the newborn agency.

His works were marked by awards in the field of professional achievements.His first award he received in 2010 when he became the winner of the annual national award in the field of print media "Spark".In the same year, and three years later he was among the winners of the competition "Silver Camera".

Deadly trip

Since the beginning of military conflicts in the South-East Ukraine many journalists left for the next hot spot suddenly arisen.Among these was a brave and dedicated Stenin and Andrew, who went there in May last year.In carrying out the editorial job, he worked in Kiev, as well as in the field of direct armed confrontation - in Shahtersk, Mariupol, Slavyansk, Donetsk and Lugansk.He worked there for about three months, when the connection with him was lost.Recent working papers from him came on 5 August last year.It was known only that in the last trip he was accompanied by Sergei and Andrei Vyacha Korenchenko employees' intelligence corps "Donetsk People's Republic (DNI).


next day become voiced different versions of the further destiny of the photojournalist.The most obvious and persistent was the version of the abduction of the Russian media security forces personnel in Ukraine.Three days after the disappearance of Andrew Stenina Agency "Russia Today", referring to its source in the territory of eastern Ukraine, announced the kidnapping of their staff and officially brought charges against the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU).The Ministry of Internal Affairs opened the investigation into the disappearance of a photojournalist, but later Kiev and did not find confirmation of the version that it really captured the SBU.

Meanwhile, his colleagues also began to search for traces of the journalist.It was learned that Stenin not informed his superiors of his particular route of movement in Ukraine, and after receiving a recent materials in Moscow, no one knew where he went.Colleagues say that the photojournalist always loved the freedom of movement, did not like, when someone pressed the top, did not like to be in a heap of assorted journalists, which is very much during press tours.He loved his work was devoted to her, sought to execute it faithfully.And the implementation of these principles is not tolerated fuss.

ambiguous position of the Ukrainian authorities

Meanwhile, a week later by official sources was reported that Russian journalist under arrest, that the special services of Ukraine suspect him of aiding and abetting terrorism.This August 12, said in an interview the adviser Ukrainian Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko.However, some time later, he misspoke, that he had no precise information on this matter, he only suggested such a development, and interviewers - the leading Latvian radio Baltkom - interpreted his words wrong.The officer asked the journalists do not bother him with these issues.In response to these accusations bureaucratic entity radio announced record interviews.

his irritation incessant questions about the fate of Russian journalist Mr. Gerashchenko ultimately decided to throw in a social network.On his Facebook page, he noted that a photojournalist Andrei Stenin is wanted by the Interior Ministry, as well as the rest of the 300 people missing "during the actions of terrorists."On a much more intemperate remarks of Mr. Gerashchenko provoked Vladimir Krasnov, better known as pranker (phone hooligan) under the name Vovan222.Posing as an assistant leader of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky, he brought the conversation to the topic of the journalist.The official, put forward another version, suggested that the journalist had died "with his friends-terrorists" around Shakhtersk.Pranker recorded the conversation and published it in the transcript of the network.


first assumption about the possible death of the journalist appeared in the last week of August, when passed the news of the body found in the vicinity of the Snow, near Donetsk.The information appeared in the pages of the periodical "Komsomolskaya Pravda".From the moment of his disappearance were in working visit to Ukraine, his colleagues began an active search.To trace the staff managed to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Dmitry and Alexander Kotsu Steshin.That's what the journalists were able to establish with whom and where exactly headed Andrei Stenin before his mysterious disappearance.

However, the employer of the journalist and asked the Russian authorities not to hurry with messages, not to make hasty public statements and conclusions, which will go until whatever was the official information from the Ukrainian side.

Meanwhile, employees of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" reported that, according to their data, Stenin in the company of two local journalists, who are likely, Mr. Gerashchenko meant by "friends of terrorists," Snow went to the city, into a war zone.According to one of the militias were able to establish that on the day the regular Ukrainian army bombarded the train of cars on the road in Dmitrovka.Shot not only military but also civilian cars.Skeletons of burned cars were found near Dmitrovka.There was found Renault Logan, which, presumably, and moved in that ill-fated day, a Russian journalist.

In the car found the remains of three people, and in the trunk - professional photographic equipment, lenses.According to open sources, the first machines were shot with machine guns, and then - of the installations "Grad".It was also found that after the murder of the journalist phone repeatedly turned on and off, moreover, with a sign someone on Facebook.They found the body claimed that the journalists' car just burned, and the shelling of "Grad" staged to confuse traces.

Promotions Support

Meanwhile, the world community held a rally in support of the other.Rallies in support of the missing photojournalist took place in Russia, Serbia, Great Britain, Mexico and Argentina.The public showed special attention to the disappearance of the journalist is not the first Russian in Ukraine and demanded that Kiev is not only the official statements, but also decisive action to end the tyranny towards the workers of the pen.The support measures in favor of the OSCE representatives, who later left the place of discovery of the body together with the Donetsk investigators.In addition, quite categorically expressed by the representative of the International Federation of Journalists and the international organization "Reporters without Borders".

the agency "Russia today" organized a rally to demand the release of the journalist.In addition, social networks have been launched tags FreeAndrew.

Russian version

officially confirmed the death of Andrew Stenina third day of September, almost a month after his disappearance.Director General of MIA "Russia Today" Dmitry Kiselev told of his death, citing the results of the examination.Thus, since the beginning of armed conflict in a few months in Ukraine, killing four Russian journalists.

Investigative Committee of Russia, which also held its investigation, put forward his version of what happened.Raman said that in Dmitrovka from Snow moved convoy of cars with refugees.Not far from the destination column in which there were only civilians, he encountered armed group, allegedly by 79-th separate airmobile brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces.The investigation concluded that the convoy consisting of ten cars were destroyed and fire explosive shells of Kalashnikov tank machine guns.Voennosluzhatsie Ukraine the next day visited the scene of the incident, where they found Andrew Stenina couple of weeks later, searched the dead, and found things took another shot at this place from the "Castle."

public demands

Andrew Stenin whose photo in the professional community was called one of the most impressive and did not have time, unfortunately, to start a family.After his death from his family only he stayed mum.His official condolences to the mother of the deceased in the performance of professional duties of the journalist, President Vladimir Putin brought the day official notice of the death.Russia's Foreign Ministry, assessing what has happened, calling the case with Stenin "another barbaric murder," which, according to the agency, "the work of Ukrainian law enforcers."In its report the Office put forward a request to Kiev for a thorough investigation.Several international community, including UNESCO, made a similar demand.Information about the fate of a criminal investigation into the death of special correspondent in the public domain does not.

Andrew Stenina buried on September 5 in Moscow, Troekurov cemetery.During the funeral he was given military honors: three volleys of honor.On the same day, Vladimir Putin signed a decree according to which the journalist was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

the same day in New York, held a photo exhibition dedicated to the tragic events in Ukraine.At the opening ceremony, which featured photos and Andrew Stenina in large amounts, paid tribute to the journalist.

In late summer 2014 on the Internet turned up a predictor, named Dmitry.He leads his video diary on"The new Nostradamus", as immediately dubbed it the users expressed their version about what will happen in Eastern Europe in the next three to five years.In matters of subscribers and the question sounded, the theme of which was Andrew Stenin, predictions about him were vague.In particular, he was initially told that his "no among the living or among the buried."As he explained later, he confused his vision was connected with the fact that his body was burned.