" Euroset " card " Corn " : how to get .Credit card " Corn " : the conditions for obtaining , rates and reviews

constantly growing competition in the financial market makes an organization to create more new programs that best respond to the demands of consumers and gives them ample opportunities.Sometimes, seemingly very different organizations involved in various activities together for mutually beneficial cooperation.

example of this was the successful combination card "Maize" ("Euroset").How to get it, can be found in stores.It allows you to keep both own and credit funds and a convenient payment tool.

How and where to draw the map

must be emphasized: the formulation of a credit card is possible only if the client has the bonus of the same name.A short list of cards "Corn", "Euroset".How and where to get it?

Buyer after payment goods worth at least three thousand can be issued in "Euroset" map "Corn."

requirements for potential cardholder:

  • a passport;
  • age should be more than 18 years;
  • presence of registration in the Russian Federation;
  • presence of a hundred rubles for transfer to the card.

If the customer has received such a card, he can use it as a credit, having all the required procedures.

How to map the cabin

Once again, we note that in the first instance be made in the salon "Euroset" map "Corn."How to obtain loans under the bonus card?Banks cooperating with "Euroset" in the proposed banking products provide the ability to obtain credit.Inside, the usual bonus card "corn" can be converted into credit.Filled application for borrowing, which is then considered by authorized financial institution.If the decision is positive, it is the procedure of signing the contract, then the money is transferred to the card.

requirements for potential borrowers:

  • age of 20 years;
  • experience last more than three months;
  • existence of registration or a permanent job on the territory where the card is issued;
  • monthly income is more than ten thousand for the city of Moscow and the region, six thousand - for other regions of the Russian Federation.

Registration cards online

credit card "Corn" also can be arranged on-line, without leaving home.To do this, just need to fill out an online application form and send it to the bank via the Internet.In the questionnaire, you need to specify this kind of information:

  • the necessary amount of credit;
  • value of monthly earnings;
  • value of monthly payments, which is suitable to the borrower;
  • residence;
  • residential address.

application is analyzed by experts of the bank, when a positive decision can be documented in the cabin "Euroset" map "Corn."How do I get her up, you need to check with the authorized specialist salon.Terms

credit card

will now be considered more a credit card, "Corn", the conditions for obtaining, rates and reviews on it.It has already been noted that "Euroset" not have its own financial institution, so the card is issued by the bank partner.Here are some of them:

  • "Renaissance Credit";
  • "Tinkoff";
  • "Alfa-Bank";
  • "Home Credit";
  • "Moment Credit".

Terms of the joint program "Euroset" to these organizations vary depending on the conditions under which works one or another bank.Consider the most common terms of money through these programs.

basic conditions:

  1. loan amount is almost the same for all banks, "Home Credit" - 10-50 thousand rubles bank "Russian Standard" - from twenty thousand, "Alfa-Bank" -10-40 thousand rubles.
  2. list of necessary documents. Here it is the same for all institutions - provided only a passport.
  3. Interest rate. most unfavorable is the "Home Credit", it offers borrowings by 69.9%, the "Alfa-Bank" and the percentage is below 14%, making it the most advantageous option.
  4. Term Loan. There already "Home Credit" is the most profitable, it offers borrowings for the period from six months to 36 months."Alfa-Bank" establishes a period of six months to eight months, "Russian Standard" - from six months to a year.

If the customer wishes to increase the credit card limit, it will have to fulfill special conditions of the partner banks.Below is a list of these conditions, it was compiled on the basis of reviews of people who have managed to increase the limit of the card.

  1. necessary to present a certificate confirming the borrower's income.
  2. Availability salary card bank, which is a potential creditor.
  3. Having an open deposit.
  4. Guarantee.
  5. presence of liquid collateral.
  6. positive credit history.

positive credit history is the main condition for increasing the limit.Also, the decision of the partner bank can affect the availability of deposit salary account.Rarely can help guarantee a close relative, but banking institutions "like" when a potential borrower provides liquid collateral.

Reviews Map "Corn" almost exclusively positive.At first glance it may seem impossible to accumulate enough funds for a good discount.But if you are an active user of this card, and it is regularly pay off her when purchasing goods over the Internet, you will soon gain the necessary amount for the discount.

more card users noted that replenish it very convenient and easy.After all, salons "Euroset" now there is practically in every city.They were also pleasantly surprised by the lack of payment for annual service cards, as well as its recovery in case of loss.In addition, card holders "Corn" feel as comfortable with the Cabinet to use the site to monitor operations.So, with the help of the office, you can find out the current balance, the amount of earned bonuses and pay for various services (housing and communal services, mobile services, etc.).

Loyalty program

If a client is not suitable for some conditions for the issuance of its credit facilities, it can simply use the card as part of the proposal "Corn."Loyalty program "Euroset" enables the implementation of purchase to return an amount of from one to three per cent of the cost of purchased goods.Accumulated points can be spent to pay for goods in the salons "Euroset".You can also take advantage of discounts and promotions, which offer partners the bank.

Recharge card through interior

As updated in the salons of "Euroset" card "corn"?How to get advice about this matter?It is necessary to go to any salon, and transfer money to the card via the cashier.Customer need to carry the card and passport.

How to withdraw cash

Allows you to withdraw cash in the cabin "Euroset" card "corn"?How to get cash from an ATM?

There are ways by which you can carry out transactions with money on the map:

  • use payment terminals that are present in the salons of "Euroset";
  • through ATMs;
  • offices in the partner bank that issued the credit.

Closing card

Before the procedure of closing a card "Corn" to check whether the debt on the loan.Then follow these steps:

  • visit the bank that issued the loan, with a request to terminate the relationship regarding the use of the card;
  • expected termination of the contract and further closing the account, as a rule, the deadline for these procedures is set to 45 days;
  • obtain confirmation of the closure of the bank card and the absence of debt.


above has been studied in detail Card "Maize" ("Euroset"), how to get it, too, was considered.So, after reviewing all the details, we can say that, as with any product, it has its pros and cons.


  • allows you to make purchases via the Internet;
  • design does not require a lot of time;
  • for its service commission not retained;
  • accrued bonuses for committing purchases;
  • there are many ways to replenish it (was reviewed in detail how to fill up the card "Corn" by Salon "Euroset");
  • free recovery when card is lost;
  • easy to use.


  • make online purchases is not available in all stores;
  • when withdrawing cash fee;
  • while recharging the card is held outside the client commission, which is above the average value;
  • with regular use of the card, it can come into disrepair;
  • transfer of money from one card to another, "Corn" is not instantaneous.

evaluating the pros and cons of this card, the person has the right to make the choice himself - to use his or her select a different product.