Decorate the office

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When companies conduct corporate psychological training, one of the points of the general test is to ask employees to describe their office: the location of the rooms and furniture, the color of the walls, decorate the office.
As a rule, very few people make mistakes, telling "topography" office, but that's about the interior design can not tell much: misinterpret the color of the walls, the carpet pattern, the location of diplomas.

If the walls are decorated with paintings in the office, the detail to recall what they depict, are the only ones who really like paintings or do not like.

It would seem, why spend money on decorations for the walls, if the majority of employees do not remember that there is a meter away from your desk?

However, "useless", but beautiful things create a general atmosphere of comfort and, if they like the staff, do not merge into a single indifferent background, which is then impossible to remember.
For example, few of the surveyed employees forgets to mention the flowers and mirrors, if they are present in the office.

So, critically examine the wall.
most common decoration for them - a painting or photograph, the main drawback of which is that they hang "for a long time and forever."
Their complex than any supplement, because then broken geometry location pictures.
If your office wall is still empty, but you wish to fix it, it is better to use as a mount than individual cloves, and a string stretched to the ceiling, where thin wires are down a few frames.
In this case, you will be able to hang several pictures at once, but if you want - easily rearrange them.

addition to photos within, in the office is good "take root" magnetic board with markers.
It is possible to paint the problem for a week and post some messages.
This board constantly acquires information: someone in the corner hangs a printout of funny pictures, someone will fix the magnet menu from a nearby pizzeria, someone will put a photo with a corporate holiday.

By the same principle - on magnets - can be placed on the walls of the design posters.
Most often, they are fastened with tape or buttons, but if the poster - it's not a one-day whim of one of the employees, and elaborately decorated, it is better for him to make a special stationary fixture.
example, place some magnetic strips.So
posters will be in place.

Besides posters, office decoration may be the walls themselves: unusual partitions and screens that will distinguish between the space and create comfort.
Custom designs can be found in most architectural firms and design studios where the employees themselves are doing everything to "cheer up" the interior.
They are ready to erect walls of the wrapping paper, and hang colorful curtains between the tables, only to reverse the officialdom.
not have to create the screen itself, or to order, now many manufacturers are making unusual partition of various kinds: they stenochki Japanese rice paper, rigid frames with fabric inserts, wooden frame with woven bamboo ceilings.
Typically, the choice of mobile depends entirely on the walls of the interior, which sets the tone.

amazing how rarely in the office as wall decorations used carpets.But
lint-free tracks can be used as good cork boards attached to them using the print and graphics.

Even less popular shelves.
tend to buy large rack and top to bottom clogged with books and documents.
however unjustly forgotten shelves can add workplace comfort.
Main, choose small in width, and then they will not fill up with books and papers, turning into a warehouse of useless things.
figurines or vase of colored glass - a maximum which must withstand a working shelf.

However, even on the shelf you can put the flowers - a great element for decoration of office, undeservedly little noticed.
Flowers for the office should be selected according to two criteria: the appearance and ease of care.
Best in the working environment feel palms, cacti and rubber plants - they all are unpretentious and can withstand the emergency "drought", which can sometimes make a forgetful staff.
But flowering plants from the office is better to withdraw, as they often cause allergies or migraine.

The more imagination and interest you show in the decoration of the walls, the office will be more memorable.
After all the work we spend most of our lives, so let's make this part of the beautiful.

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