Gold Card, Sberbank reviews.

For a long time it is no secret that very favorable terms on credit cards offered by Sberbank.Gold credit card is one of the most profitable products and customers to provide preferred.


the Golden Credit Card Savings Bank set limits on the maximum credit limit.It is 600 thousand rubles.The interest rate on 23% of them.Annual service fee of three thousand rubles.

As for the Commission, it is exactly the same as for other types of cards - 3%, but not less than 400 rubles.The minimum monthly payment of five percent of the total debt.Gold Card (Sberbank) has very good reviews, as its use is very advantageous to customers.

When applying for a credit card issue it will be treated within a few days.

This may be granted such a credit card?

Using Gold Card Savings Bank - of course, it's profitable, but to get it, not everyone can.To order such a card yourself, the borrower must be at least 21 years old and no older than 65 years.Also, he must have worked for at least one year and at least six months in last place.

There certainly should pay attention to the fact that if you do not receive salaries in the Savings Bank, you will need to confirm their income certificate, and the employment rate - a copy of employment record.

Gold Card Savings Bank: Terms of Use preferential customers

so-called privileged categories of customer are considered to be participants in the Savings Bank of salary projects, the holders of ordinary debit cards, deposit holders, as well as people who already have some credit.

These categories of customers, you can safely rely on the fact that the proposal for the Gold card is already pre-approved.In this situation, you just need to apply with a passport, to issue and receive a card in Sberbank.

Gold credit card has another nice addition - a reduced interest rate of 17.9% per annum, no need to pay the annual maintenance and maximum credit line.But before we get the card should still find out in more detail the conditions under which it provides Sberbank.Gold credit card can solve a lot of problems with the cash and the need to find money for a major purchase.

What advantages Gold Cards?

current program of discounts for cardholders

most various bonuses for cardholders Gold class provided primarily not by the Savings Bank, and one way or another payment system.

For example, card payment system "Visa" allows its owner to participate in the "World of privileges", serving 20 thousand. Points around the globe.

When paying various purchases using Gold Card Savings Bank partners program host card will not only get good prices, but also a variety of compliments, bonuses and special offers.

Loyalty program "Thanks from Sberbank»

These bonuses are awarded to owners is already directly Sberbank (one a bonus equal to one ruble prices).In the first three months after the customer has registered in the program, it will be credited to the bonus account of 1.5% on each purchase.Once this period has expired, the number of bonuses will fall to 0.5%.

Emergency cash withdrawal if the lost card abroad

If a situation arises when the customer is abroad and can not for any reason to receive money from their card (theft, loss or damage), the meansin the amount of five thousand dollars can be issued to the owner a credit card cash.Thus no commissions will not be charged.

Such privileges can provide Gold Card (Sberbank).Reviews indicate that the use of such software is really very convenient and even profitable.

What other options can be "gold" credit card?

addition Sberbank offered for Gold credit card, he still has in store kobrendigovyh three types of cards: for the flights, to talk and to charity.

  1. map for flights, differently called Aeroflot Visa Gold.It allows its holder to receive for every thirty rubles, spent with the card, 1.5 miles.After making the very first transaction on the card has charged a welcome bonus of a thousand miles.These bonuses can be easily exchanged for a discount on tickets from the company "Aeroflot" or on upgrades.Gold Card Savings Bank cons in this case is also available.When you receive a card with kobrendom client loses the opportunity to participate in the bonus program "Thanks from Sberbank."
  2. second type of card, called "Talking Points" is nothing more than a card MTS MasterCard Gold.It is the same system as that of the previous type of cards.For every thirty rubles charged one bonus point, and for the first operation is given 600 points.These gifts can be nice to spend on free messages, talk time minutes, Internet, and more.
  3. As for charity, then it has a particular type of card is called "Give life» Gold.Here, each perfect purchase 0.3% will be deducted to a charity.Also, half of the annual fee deducted at his own expense.

It is important to remember that any card, which is co-branding, is a bit more expensive than usual.Annual service fee for 500 rubles more, and is three thousand.This is another unpleasant drawback which has Gold Card.Sberbank reviews for this type of services received the most different.Someone does not prevent increased annual service, and someone does not like it.

Differences "gold" cards from the "classic»

First of all, it is the interest rate.According to the "gold" card it is one point lower than the classic.Annual service differs greatly.In the first type of card it is 3-3,5 thousand rubles, and the second - only 750 rubles.

«Gold" credit card can be issued only to borrowers with proven high monthly income, or regular customers of the bank.Classical same card does not have the majority of the privileges that are available to cardholders Class Gold.

Gold credit card Sberbank conditions is different from the classical one.But, and this makes sense.Since this card has a higher class, and the limits of it are much higher.

What can invite other banks?

VTB 24

Bank VTB 24 offers a choice of eight types of "gold" credit card, ranging from the standard version, ending with a co-branded product.With the bank's credit card, you can travel with profitable companies Russian Railways, "Transaero" and "Yuteyr."

regard to the conditions of registration, they are virtually indistinguishable from the established Sberbank.Also, virtually no different interest rate.But the difference is still there.

For example, the annual maintenance of the cards of VTB 24 is two thousand rubles for the first year, and for each subsequent - four thousand.In contrast to the fact that only three thousand worth Gold Card Savings Bank.Disadvantages here are obvious.

Bank "Russian Standard»

The "Russian Standard" line "gold" credit card is slightly smaller and is only five types of cards.They allow you to purchase goods at deep discounts from the catalog "Raspberry", receive bonuses WebMoney purse and use a variety of special offers from basketball club UNICS.

Here it should be noted that the interest rate on the cards of the bank is much higher and is a maximum of 29 percent.But despite this, they have a higher credit limit, ranging from 750 thousand to one million rubles.

regard to the conditions of registration, the proof of income is not required, as the card is issued for only two documents.

Alfa Bank

Alfa-Bank offered to its customers six different versions of "gold" cards.

Also on the cards that you can get great discounts, there are absolutely unique program for customers.For example, a credit card with the name "100 days without interest Gold» allows its holder to use the funds of the bank within the established limit for a hundred days without interest.At the same time such a long grace period applies not only to non-cash transactions, but also for cash withdrawals.

maximum interest rate on the "gold" credit card from Alfa-Bank is 33%, and the lowest - 18%.

grace period is usually 60 days, but the maximum limit but the three hundred thousand.

It is said that the design of the "gold" credit card is carried out by providing only two documents.This is not necessarily proof of income.This can be done if you want to see the interest rate was as low as possible.


general, to issue a gold credit card with Sberbank can be any client, who can confirm the level of their income and employment.But the most favorable conditions will be only for the elite customers: members of salary projects, investors and those who have a good credit history.

privileged categories of customers can easily count on the maximum limit on the card and the lowest interest rate, as well as the complete absence of annual maintenance.

note is the fact that of all the banks submitted requests to confirm their income only Sberbank.Also, despite the fact that the terms of cards a bit harsh, they are very easy to use and profitable.Here's a simple gold card.Sberbank reviews for this product gets more positive than negative, so that the use of such card still makes sense, even though the high cost of annual maintenance.