How to sleep less and with health benefits?

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Recently the problem of chronic sleep deprivation touched many.For lack of sleep causes a lot of factors: fatigue at work, exams and study, birth of a child, and many other factors.Mothers of young children, students and just continually ladies are well aware of "a chronic lack of sleep."A person constantly "mashed" thoughts somewhere else, fatigue, and a cast iron head.This state really does not contribute to the productivity of the work.

Because of the total lack of sleep a person is literally 3 days acquires the appearance of antisocial zombie.But if a constant load makes it impossible to sleep 8-9 hours as a normal person, what to do?It is necessary to find a way to sleep in much less time.

many processes in our body directs the brain, including the bed.Since sleep is periodicity, rightly believes that it is based on a cycle, namely light cycle "day-night".

For two nights without sleep makes the mind one-sided, and we can not think properly.There are violations such as cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, diabetes, memory loss, obesity, depression, and many other troubles.

Somnology (specialists who study sleep and know a lot about him) argue that to date no new methods of shortening the duration of sleep without harm.For life, recuperation man enough 5.5-hour stay in the realm of Morpheus.However, this does not mean that people will feel awake and sleep.And because all that has several sleep phases.There

sleep fast and slow sleep.During REM sleep, our brain processes information accumulated during the day.But the phase of REM sleep is for the benefit of the body: the brain processes information about the "failures" in the body.During REM sleep the body recovers energy, growth and recovery of cells.

For those who want to reduce the time spent in sleep, the most important task is to calculate the time for effective sleep.It's not a simple matter.

for proper calculation is necessary to conduct an experiment.To begin, select a couple of free days when you can not allow the body to sleep more than a day.

Experiment start at 00:00.From this point on the body and listen to their own feelings.Understand that your body wants to sleep, you can easily.You begin attacks of sleep.

For further analysis of all the changes your body is recorded.Record the time when sleepy, sleep attack force was evaluated by a 3-point scale, record the duration of the attack.

All this must continue until 00:00 the next day.The next day, sleep, determine the two most powerful attack of sleep.For example, the first phase of attack from 5 to 6 in the morning, the second from 16 to 17 days.In this case, the perfect sleep schedule is as follows: from 5 to 7 am and from 16 to 17 o'clock.

And should bear in mind that when your sleep will be effective, and you can miss.So two hours before "your" bedtime drink coffee, no internet!

So, now you know that there are different phases of sleep, through which our body during the stay in the realm of Morpheus.Also disclosed is an experiment that allows you to define your own time, sleep efficiency.So little sleep and with health benefits.Have a nice sleep!

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