Who are the liberals, and that we know about them

For centuries, every segment of society in the policies pursued its own interests, and, ultimately, the "steering" of government are those people who could maximize adapt to certain conditions.In the political life of the country played a huge role liberals.Who are they?First of all, these are people who have been strong supporters of reform, we have always advocated the extension of human rights and freedoms.

those who have never heard of who the Liberals, it will be interesting to learn that the first time they talked about in Europe at the turn of 17-18 centuries.It was then born of socio-political movement, which was called "liberalism."Later, it was transformed into a powerful ideology.The main value for the Liberals was the firmness of the economic, political and civil liberties.

In the Russian language the word "liberalism" has got at the end of the 18th century.It translates as "free-thinking".During this time, and the first Russian liberals.

The English translation of this word originally had a negative connotation - "appeasement", "unhealthy indulgence," but then she lost.

And yet, who are liberals, and what political views they held?As already emphasized, the highest value for them is human rights and freedoms.In addition, they were in favor of private property, while promoting free enterprise.

above public political movement was formed as a means of protection against tyranny and excesses on the part of representatives of the Catholic Church and the totalitarian monarchs.Who are the Liberals?They are those who reject the basic principles of some theories of creation of the state, namely the fact that the monarchs and kings were "anointed of God" in the kingdom.They also question the fact that a religion - it is the truth in the "last resort".

Those who do not have the slightest idea who the Liberals will be interested to know that these people are defending the principle of equality of all citizens before the law.They are convinced that the authorities should regularly report to the people on the work done.

Thus representatives of liberalism believe that officials should in no way restrict the rights and freedoms of individuals.

own point of view on this score had the English Liberals.Their ideology Jeremy Bentham argued that human rights and freedoms - is nothing but as the embodiment of evil.However, he stuck to the principles that do not admit that one man put down the will of another.

«oppress the individuals - it is a real crime.Do not do it, and you will bring great benefit to the community, "- emphasizes Bentham.

It should be noted that liberalism in its present form as zealously defended the idea of ​​pluralism and respect for the principles of democracy in the management of the company.At the same time the rights and freedoms of minorities and certain sectors of the population should be strictly observed.However, Liberals believe that the state must now pay more attention to social issues.