Fitness Etiquette: To not look at the training ridiculous ...

Rules and Regulations surrounded us on all sides.Even in the gym over time I developed a fitness etiquette.In some clubs generally accepted rules of behavior hanging on the wall in a frame.If your health club is nothing there, let's discuss together, as they do in training.

Appearance: natural beauty

Most women want to look attractive even doing bench presses in the simulator.Of course, it is a natural desire.But this does not necessarily come to the gym in the ultra-shorts.All sorts of bikinis are appropriate only at the beach.We recommend a good sports bra complete with trousers or shorts.Clothes should not interfere with that for which you actually come here and - sporting activities.Be sure to exercise, the clothes never pushes, pulls and do not rub.

It is also important to choose a good deodorant!Fitness etiquette demands that he not only saves you from sweating, but not too sharp and had a strong odor.For the same reason the spirits - the wrong choice for a visit to the gym.

No make-up training.Have pity on your skin, clogged pores because nobody has done nicely.It is best to re-apply make-up after a workout and shower.

desirable to remove hair in a ponytail or braid.The girl who is on the simulator or fitball constantly throws climbing eyes hair looks ridiculous.

fitness rules of etiquette: the obvious and not so

* Never throw the dumbbell to the floor, dumbbells, barbells and other sports equipment.After the exercises, always place equipment in place - to show respect for someone who will do after you.

* The biggest problem clubs - turn on the simulator.Be vzaimovezhlivy.During breaks, the ability to let others work out.Try to think of your training so that you do not have to stand in waiting for a treadmill available.

* From the third rule fitness etiquette - never stand over the soul.If the trainer is not available, go do something else.

* Lying on a bench, a stele towel or T-shirt.Simply for reasons of hygiene.

* Keep track of the time you spend on the simulator.At the same muscle group there multiple load cases.If you are very difficult to rationally distribute the workout, consult with a trainer.

* Put the cell phone on vibrate.His unexpected call can prevent someone from working.Loud conversations and laughter of the rules of etiquette fitness is also not welcome.* If you simultaneously engaged in too many people do not make more than 4 approaches a simulator.

* Do not flirt during training.No one will appreciate.If you notice, you will surely find a way to meet after.

* not paint the mirror!It is also inappropriate to look at in the mirror in the hall of his face in detail and constantly correcting her hair.To do this, invented a mirror in the dressing room.

* And finally - a rule of etiquette, the current everywhere.This lady even in the gym does not allow himself too closely examine those nearby.

It would seem, nothing complicated, but hardly anyone really remembers about the simplest.Admit it: if all these rules of etiquette fitness you observe?

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