Biography Anatoly Romanov.

Each country has its great men.One of these Russian heroes and role model was General Romanov.This courageous and strong man for many years fighting for his life.Next to him all this time is his faithful wife, who also made her special, female feat and became an example for many women of the military.

Health General Romanov today remains unchanged.He can not talk, but reacts to it.His battle continues.

childhood and youth of the future General Anatoly Romanov

peasant origin, he was born in Bashkiria, the twenty-seventh in September 1948.It was the village of Mikhaylovka in Belebeevsky area.In 1966 he graduated from high school (grade ten) and was drafted into the army (1967).General Romanov, whose biography is a landmark event, he served in the Internal Troops, where reached the rank of sergeant.According to the memoirs of his wife, he matured early, obviously, it had a significant impact on his fate, he decided to contact the army.

After military service Romanov had a desire to be useful to the homeland, and in 1969 he enters the Saratov Military College.F. Dzerzhinsky.Anatoly studied for three years, after which it remains at the service of the institution.

Further career Anatoly Romanov

interesting point is that in the Saratov military institute came later tradition - handing cash prize.This scholarship was named in honor of the Hero of Russia Colonel General Romanov.Handed her best students of the university.It should be noted that the first ceremony came even his wife, Anatoly.

Career and study the future of General Romanov continued.Soon, he became a student of the Combined Arms Academy.Frunze and finished it in 1982.Then he was again sent to serve in the Saratov School - to command the battalion.In 1984, he became deputy commander, and the 1985th he was sent to command the Sverdlovsk region 546 th regiment of Interior Ministry troops.Their task was to guard strategic defense enterprises.

In 1988, Romanov became Chief of Staff of the ninety-fifth division, which was designed to protect important state facilities and special cargoes and special Interior Ministry troops.

In 1989, Anatoly continued his education at the Academy of the General Staff of the USSR of explosives.He completed his studies in 1991 and a year later was appointed commander of the ninety-sixth division MVD Russia.In early 1993, the future general Romanov became the chief of the special parts of the explosives, which were guarding important state facilities and special cargoes.And from the middle of the same year he was appointed deputy commander of the MVD of Russia, and after the chief of the Combat Training.

also Anatoly Romanov, the general in the future, become a party to those distant and terrible events that took place in the autumn of 1993 in Russia - namely, the opposition of the Supreme Council and the President, on whose side he acted.

In 1995, his career went up - Romanov was appointed Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs.At the same time, Anatoly became the commander of the Joint Group of PV in Chechnya.He actively participated in the establishment of order in the region in the postwar period.

Family Life General Romanov

As always, life is full of coincidences.It happened in the family of Anatoly.With his wife, the future general Romanov met by chance, thanks to his friend, who liked her friend Larissa.This happened at a time when he was a student of the Saratov Military School.

walked four of them, and between young people gradually began to appear sympathy, which over time developed into something more.According to his wife Larissa, Anatoly very nicely courted her, always came with flowers (although the field).A few months later they were married (Romanov was then a third-year college).A new, family life, and Larissa realized that her husband - a real man, and she followed him, like a stone wall.

Young first lived in an apartment with his parents, after they have been allocated their own homes, they began to repair.Even after some time the couple had a child.The daughter named Victoria.Anatoly changed greatly after her birth.He and his daughter could do all sorts of childish and ridiculous things - they ran around the apartment, fighting pillows, reading a fairy tale.

However, there were many and severity in education.Romanov claimed to be studied Victoria organized and responsible, she instilled good manners (for this specially went to a cafe).An interesting point was that he was helping her daughter overcome her fears when forced to tell her poetry, because she loved to do it, but shy.

All this family idyll undermined the attempt, which occurred October 6, 1995.But even a special state General Romanov has not changed the attitude towards him of his wife Larissa.She also remained faithful to him, looked after him, believed in the best for many years.It lived hope, love much.

attempt on Anatoly Romanov

It happened, as it was written above, the sixth day of October 1995, some hours of the day in a tunnel near the square Minute in Grozny.Romanov was driving to a meeting with Ruslan Khasbulatov from Khankala, when there was irreparable.The tunnel was found explosive device that blew up remotely.It was a charge of about 30 kg of TNT.

Attempt clearly prepared for Romanov, because the charge was exploded under his car.Just two people were killed - the driver and assistant Matviychenko Vitaly Romanov Alexander Zaslavsky.Another soldier Denis Yabrikov died a few days later.About two dozen people wounded and shell-shocked.

condition General Romanov after the shooting was very difficult.He was immediately sent to hospital Burdenko, where he stayed for a long time.

treatment and life after the assassination Romanov

Feedback from those who have been in the rescue operation of the assassination attempt, no one believed that it was possible to rescue Anatolia.His body was penetrated by shrapnel.However, the health of the general Romanova eventually leveled off, although not back to normal.In many ways it happened due to the fact that he had a quick high-quality medical care.

Anatolia as soon as identified (and it was hard to do), it was sent to a hospital in Vladikavkaz, and very quickly.In medical practice, it is considered a very good chance for a positive outcome.Also, as soon as possible after the wounded Romanov was sent to a hospital plane "scalpel", which flew them to the best doctors of the hospital.Burdenko.

Seventh October Anatoly transferred to the intensive care unit of the hospital.There he stayed until the twenty-first of December.All concerned by the question: "What's with General Romanov will?" Around his name is a big hype and hoopla of the fact that Anatoly is very well-known personality. When everything calmed down a bit, physician Romanov appointed an experienced neurologist Igor Alexandrovich Klimov.

Why is it? Because the main injuries were to the head, and at the time of detonation was a brain hemorrhage, Romanov was regarded as a man who suffered a stroke. Klimov constantly searching for new possibilities to pull straying consciousness of the general to the surface.

In this hospital the injured remained until2009, then was transferred to the Main Military Clinical Hospital of internal troops of the Russian Interior Ministry, which is in Balashikha.

feat wife of General Anatoly Romanov

should also be noted a special feat that made the wife Romanova Larisa. This is the true love that overcomes all obstacleson its way and can return from oblivion, as it happened with Anatoly.The health status of General Romanov is that care for him very hard, also have to do it every day.This has been going on for many years, and Larisa Romanova fully devoted herself to her husband.

She - his hope and savior of the soul, the bridge that connects it, located on the other side, with the world.During the time that the treatment continues, Larissa overcame a lot.

Since the tragedy, when slipped into a coma, General Romanov, his wife learned to understand it anew by blinking eyelids, by alarming them fluttering, now and hand gestures.Of course, now she knows her husband better than anyone and see how pleased he comes close and native people as well as friends.

also regularly come to visit his father and the daughter of General - Victoria.Now there are Anatoly and granddaughter Anastasia, which is a real tomboy growing and requires attention grandfather, although he understood that he was ill.

Larisa Romanova is trying very hard to husband lived a normal life even in this state.They sometimes go out of town for their summer residence.Also, recently traveled to the gifts of the Magi.These trips, of course, require a medical insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances and strong helpers, as Anatoly weighs seventy kilos, but their benefits are undeniable.

general condition today

Health General Romanov remains unchanged for several years.Of course, this is a significant improvement compared to that in the first years after the injury.He does not talk, but can communicate mimicry, sometimes waved.

General also constantly doing massage, it has no bedsores.Of course, this is due to the efforts of medical personnel and his wife Larissa.He also engaged in a bike can pedal slightly twist it, this is really mandatory.However, such measures are necessary so that the muscles were in good shape.

In addition, the General Chamber of the music, on the walls hang family photos, sometimes he looks at television broadcasts, the truth does not tolerate war sounds - shooting, explosions.So, if anyone raises the question: "General Romanov alive or not?", It is clearly possible to answer that for him all the necessary conditions.

Further predictions

What can we say about the future projections of health general? Herevery difficult to do something to assert unequivocally, as there is progress, but it is very small steps. For example, through pilot experiments revealed that the general can read the writing on the sheet. Now, according to his wife, for he wrote a special computer program thatwould allow typing on the virtual keyboard look. It would have been undeniable progress for further treatment, which needs so much, General Romanov. Alive or not the Hero of Russia? Of course, yes, but not as ordinary people. But progress does not standplace, besides there were cases when people came out of such a state after so many years of being in it.

assignment of the rank of colonel

While with General Romanov happened to him in 1995 November was awarded the title of the seventh-GeneralColonel presidential decree.

Awards received by General Anatoly Romanov

, Colonel-General of Russia, as well as former deputy interior minister and commander of the federal troops in Chechnya has four medals during his military service.

first award he received was the Order of the Red Star.It happened in the Soviet times, when the Romanov exemplary performed their duty.

Seventh October 1993 Anatoly received the Order "For Personal Courage" and the thirty-first of December 1994, General Romanov (photo awards below) receives the Order "For Military Merit", with the first number.This award is given to those soldiers who valiantly performed their duty and perform feats of bravery and showing (at this point in the Romanov visited several hot spots).

most important and tragic award in his life was the title of Hero of the Russian Federation, which he was awarded the fifth November 1995 after the tragic events in the square Minute in Grozny.He was badly injured and fell into a coma for a long time.

memory of the hero in the film

Despite the fact that now with General Romanov was happening, he is the hero of his country.That is why a documentary film (2013), which tells of the event, which undermined the whole life of this man.Also, there are described memories of people that surrounded Romanova - friends, family, the direct participants in the events.

film called "General Romanov - a dedicated peacemaker."Its premiere was visited by a lot of colleagues and friends of Anatolia.How much has been said warm words, talked about the heroism, courage and the ability to do peacekeeping, General!Exit the film was timed to the 65th anniversary of the Hero of the Russian Romanov.The picture was shot in the Fund "National Unity".

interesting point that emerged during work on the film, is that someone was beneficial elimination of Romanov, because otherwise it could end much sooner and more peacefully during his first campaign.He was truly a gift of peacemaker, and a special ability to conduct any negotiations, for it suffered Gen. Romanov, whose biography has such tragic moments.

Conclusion As you can see, it does not matter what a person is born, it is important what he could become in the course of his life.Anything is possible with due persistence and aspiration.Even what is now happening with General Romanov, it shows his strength of spirit, thirst for life.He has a lot of admirers, who considers his exploits characters worthy of the highest awards.

During his tenure as commander in Chechnya, it is possible to prevent many bloody clashes only the power of their words and beliefs.At the same time Romanov has made the disarmament of the population.Also it agreed on the schedule receiving weapons from various militant groups.He did a lot to the war does not start again, but he also suffered from it.

His every moment lived after the attack, going on in the fight for a normal life.His feat to be proud of, his example will lead to desperate and continue to believe in the best.The most important thing - to never give up and do not omit the hands.