Health at a Glance: Autumn - time plastic

Deciding to have plastic surgery - a serious step, implies not only a moral and psychological readiness of the patient to ensure that the "go under the knife," but physical: before surgery is necessary to pass a series of preparatory procedures to lower the risk of complications and prepare the body for quitenoticeable interference.

Logically, to decide on two or three plastic surgery - a step more serious, because it is two or three times more load on the body.It is, in the case of several operations carried out one after the other ... Fortunately, today we are spared from having to wait until the end rehabilitation period after a single operation, to start preparing for the next one.

In many developed countries have long practiced double and even triple plastic surgery, and more recently the practice has taken root in Russia, the good, the lack of professionals we have no one complained.And many surgeons work in a winning tandem.

double and triple bottom line of operations (by the way, they have their own "smart" name - simultaneous) that at one time held several operations carried out by one or by different users.For example, very often simultaneously performed rhinoplasty and mammoplasty, liposuction and mammoplasty, abdominoplasty and breast surgery ... not combined, perhaps, glyuteoplastika and tummy tuck with liposuction sides.Since after the first operation can not be for some time to sit and lie on your back, and after the second - on the abdomen and flanks.A stand week after surgery - is unrealistic.

special moment: intimate plastic (especially for recovery after childbirth), in addition to which often is breast surgery or abdominoplasty.And then all three operations together ...

Of course, not all operations can be combined with each other.Some stringent criteria are not produced, however, there are certain trends.Thus, it is believed that the intimate plastic is compatible with all types of operations, but at the same time to carry out a complex rhinoplasty and facelift, many patients do not advise - it's too traumatic.

¬ęCompatibility operation with each other is determined individually for each patient - explains Alexander Zhukov, a plastic surgeon, a specialist in plastic surgery of the face and intimate, co-owner of the clinic of aesthetic medicine" Studiomed. "- It is important to calculate and anesthesia, and the degree of trauma with all the features of the human body.In each case, we issue recommendations based on the analysis results and data obtained during the investigation.Also decide how best to do the operation - one or more specialists. "

worth clarify that simultaneous operations are carried out, as a rule, not a doctor, but several, each of whom is an expert in his field.In this way, firstly, reduced operation time, and secondly, do not suffer efficiency, because every doctor working in his narrow specialization, where he has already accumulated many years of experience and practice.

In addition, both the doctors do not have time and again to switch attention, everyone can fully concentrate on one task.No, and the fatigue factor: after performing several operations in a row one doctor after 2-3 hours a little bit tired, his attention is not as sharp, and motion - clear.

Usually doctors conducting simultaneous operations, working together for a long time, so the time to adjust to the style and tempo of each other.

¬ęIt's like playing the piano four hands - compares his work with art-known plastic surgeon Dmitry Krysin specializing in the aesthetics of the body.- To work it sounded really nice, a little to both musicians were virtuosos, it is also necessary that they feel each other, to anticipate the next move each partner.Then the result - it is more than the sum of skills of both professionals. "

rehabilitation period is calculated by the operation to restore from which the body needs more time.But in any case it is shorter than if taken into account the recovery of each operation carried out separately.

So, if the complete rehabilitation after mammoplasty takes about two and a half months after the intimate plastic - a half, the total length of rehabilitation will be only two and a half months.Instead of four.There will be only some additional doctor's advice: in this case - a limit on the sitting position for two weeks, it is the same as that for a single intimate plastic surgery.

Dr. Stanislaw Sawicki, specializing in breast augmentation surgery, expressing his opinion on the benefits of simultaneous operations, says: "Of course, easier to bear one anesthesia and one rehabilitation period than a few consecutive.In this respect, the combined operation - ideal, they save time and resources of the body.Compare: or rhinoplasty, sweeps week plaster splints and after waiting a convergence of major bruising and swelling for two and a half weeks, and then the same amount - for the primary recovery mammoplasty, or combine these operations, and a month later had to return to normal life, in all its glory. "

To date, combined or simultaneous operations are included in the list of services the leading clinics in Russia.In Moscow, for example, a multidisciplinary clinic for aesthetic medicine "Studiomed" offers flexible enough and acceptable conditions prescribed for patients who have decided to evolve in several directions simultaneously.