Why Abstracts.

Today Resume firmly established in the practice of science.Why did this happen?The reason is that the information revolution has made available vast layers of real scientific articles.At the same time a scientist often only interested in determining the volume and subject of the proposed cut.His sample initially becomes quite time-consuming task.

How to simplify this process?This will help Abstracts - the estimated concise description of him.On average, it consists of five sentences.It is fundamentally different from the executive summary.

structure annotation

subject to certain structures governed by abstract to the article.Example must contain the mandatory details: the place of publication of the article, the name (title) of the publisher, in which the article was published, as well as who is the author and what is the full title of the article.It also indicates the actual subject of the article that defines its orientation, the basic provisions (in thesis).The article itself may contain the original annotation.

What is different from a brief summary of content?

brevity and conciseness - its features, it is an original presentation, not including common phrases, well-known facts and banal thoughts.Separately specify for which category the readers it is intended.Quick lighting the author provides a scientific problem Abstracts.Examples (meaning the quotes) should not appear in the summary.However, it is not just a story: the reader is presented in abbreviated form of its result - the author's conclusions.The style of presentation excludes the subjective opinion of the author, presented to them in the first person.It should also be stressed the official, using the indefinite personal form of the verb, such as "analyze," "studied", "realized."

Why write abstracts of articles?

requirements of scientific journals suggest that after the basic text was written and Abstracts (examples of this can be seen in many works).The editor of the magazine, using it significantly easier for the task of publishing the article.In addition, the abstract will be included in extended scientific journal.

simple way to pre-test

mandatory requirement of the scientific journal digestibility is a brief description of the article.Many authors tend to complicate it.Optimally, if the style written summary to the scientific article?An example of (the easiest) verify compliance with the requirements of a procedure using Russian-English and English-Russian translator.First written in Russian abstract translated into English, then the resulting text is translated back - the Russian language.Ideally, the resulting secondary Russian text should also be suitable for reading.

Conclusion In summary, recall what kind of degree of compactness should have the abstract in a scientific article.Example may include five sentences.The first includes information about the author, title, subject, place and time of the publication of the article.Second and third - very brief list of its main provisions.The fourth and fifth - the author's conclusions on scientific articles.However, the relative brevity of: abstract should not be less than 500 printable characters.