How to Deal with WiFi laptop on Android?

Often, there may be situations when you need to distribute the Internet by providing multiple devices Network.Often, too, there is a need to create a network without many costs for the purchase of necessary equipment.In such situations, the issue of how to distribute a WiFi laptop on Android, is quite important.

Distribution Network via laptop

Suppose a user has a laptop, which is equipped with wireless LAN.To him through a cable connected to the Internet.Then, the person has another device - phone, then the plate, the second laptop, etc.In this situation, you may want to provide access to the Internet.How to Deal with WIFI laptop on Android or other device available?

help in this situation can always access point wireless network, which is available on your laptop.Many known that integrated adapter capable of operating not only at the reception, but also on the distribution of the incoming signal.In other words, you can use the laptop as a WiFi-router.This is all done not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.All that is required to perform in this situation - to form a new connection in an "ad-hoc".It is through such a process, and you can answer a fairly popular question of how to distribute a WiFi laptop on Android.

What is available?

So, what do we use?

  1. Directly laptop with built-in wireless network running network operating Windows 7.
  2. cable that is connected to the device via a dedicated line.
  3. second device, in which might be a phone, tablet, or other notebook with wireless Wi-Fi.

What is the problem we have to put ourselves in such a situation?We need to do everything possible that the Internet, which goes to the first device (laptop) via a dedicated line, through the use of Wi-Fi has been transferred to another device (phone).In addition, it is necessary to make out what the distribution over the wireless network.It should immediately be noted that there are several ways of how the distribution of WiFi with a laptop.The program, which was designed specifically for this purpose, can help in solving the problem.However, in this review we will look at the easiest way.

Check all connections

First of all you need to open a window titled "Center Network and Sharing Center."It is accessible by pressing the icon that is in the system tray, or from the control panel, which will have to click on the appropriate tab to us.Once the required window will open, you have to click on this point, as "Change adapter settings".

then need to find an existing connection, which is organized by a cable.It is usually referred to as "Local Area Connection".If this icon is not available, you find the desired parameter can be by disconnecting the cable.The icon that will change at this point, and is a necessary connection.

After that it is necessary to determine the order in which the present compounds is the access point Wi-Fi.This can be done on some basic criteria.

  1. name contains the word "wireless".
  2. When clicking on a particular connection, right-click menu after opening the "properties" will be the name that is associated with ┬źWireless Network┬╗.

What do I need to do?

After all the necessary connections are found, will need to click on the wireless connection, right-click and open the tab "Properties" menu and click on the "access".It will take place in "Allow other users on the network to use the Internet connection for this computer" check box.Also, it will be necessary to specify a particular wireless connection.Entering the property, you can determine for yourself which services can be accessed.

that remains is to create a connection that will be the distribution of access to the Internet through the use of a laptop via WiFi.This will require re-open the window "Network Management" and click on that point, which appears to create a new connection.When the displayed list of options that are available, it is necessary to select the type of "computer-to-computer".Next you need to come up with a network name and password to access it.

Clicking "Next" will take you to the next screen where you will be offered to enable sharing.We agree with this statement.Once the item will be made, you can easily connect to this connection using the phone, a tablet or a second notebook.This requires only a password.

optional parameter that should be noted

It may be a situation where the fault disconnect the device from the network will be lost and the Internet.Therefore it is necessary once again to create a connection.To avoid this, it is necessary at the point at which the put the password, place a tick in front of the phrase "save the network settings."When the device is disconnected from the Internet, all parameters are saved.Connection will be done automatically.

On this question of how to distribute a WIFI laptop on Android or some other device that may be considered reviewed.