"Name" (shops): customer reviews.

Pants 60 p., Shoes for 399 p., Baby toys - 50 p.Goods at very affordable prices offers us today a trading company "Last Name."Before the buyer gets the eternal question: take it or not?Let's see together what the store "Last Name," and that it has to offer.


Trading company "Last Name" - is the largest Russian retailer.The first department store sales, "Last Name" was opened in 2000 in the capital.Today this network, in addition to a distribution center, procurement and business support services, has more than a hundred stores in Russia and is actively expanding.In Moscow and the region accounts for more than 40 stores on St. Petersburg - more than a decade.The main outlets in the Urals - a Yekaterinburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk, and in the Volga Federal District - Kazan, Samara, Ufa.Shop "Surname", addresses and telephone numbers which can be found in the handbook of the city, always waiting for their customers to make them happy and fashionable new products at deep discounts.And believe me, here is what to choose!

All goods shop "Last Name" have the certificate of quality.The company is responsible for the quality of products sold, in compliance with trade rules and the law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.Buyer provides a guarantee on any product purchased through this network.

in trade clothes with price category "discount" (discount) Company is a leader.It focuses on the buyer with incomes of low and middle level, so most sold through department stores "Surnames" products, including well-known global brands are acceptable, and sometimes "ridiculous" price.In the practice of regular sales, promotions, and application of the system of discounts, which gives the consumer the opportunity to save considerably and save money in the family budget.

direct competitor of the company is "StokTsentr" implements such close range in price point for a network of "Last Name."Internet-shop has not yet started.


Department stores sales offers customers thousands of SKUs.Goods store "Last Name" - a wide range of casual, business, sports, denim clothes for the whole family, as well as footwear, fancy goods, household goods, accessories, cosmetics and household chemicals.Here you can buy good quality toys and clothes for the kids.Sold handbags, scarves, hats and outerwear: coats, jackets.

assortment line is presented as an untwisted global, domestic and lesser known brands."Name" (shops in Moscow) sells brands such as: Finn Flare, Motor, Puma, Colin's Wrangler, Savage, Patrol, Baon, Day by Day, Motivi, Soul age, Ralf ringer, Terranova, Quelle, «Etti Detti""Your" and others.Many inexpensive to buy branded stuff, deliberately go to the store "Last Name."Feedback from customers confirms that popular brands are, as they say, "snapped."Therefore, a greater share of the portfolio does not hold promoted Chinese and Turkish goods.Stamps brands are usually placed on the designated hangers.Next to the clothing sold side by side through the data stores household goods - a cookware and kitchen utensils, textiles, souvenirs, gifts.

get information about promotions and discounts, please contact the store "Last Name."Addresses nearby department stores are located in many shopping directories that are available in large cities.

Pricing Policy

good economy class - a "Last Name."Shops, reviews about them on the Internet has been mixed: positive from satisfied visitors to grab a brand for a penny, and negative from frustrated customers, still has some advantages.The reason is that the company's priority is to lower prices, rather than the comfort of the buyer.Many people immediately raises suspicions, why things are so cheap.Spoiled product defects?No.On what is based pricing "Names?"

  • purchase of goods from the manufacturer without intermediaries.
  • high turnover of goods - the basis of all stock shop.Revenue made due to the large turnover, while the unit price does not play a stronger role.
  • Constant stimulation of demand, the system of total sales, where prices are falling as a whole by 30%.
  • off-season, last year's goods are sold at deep discounts.
  • to save on everything: shopping centers with a small rent, homely interiors of shops that are not pleasing to buyers.Staff costs can reduce the self-service system.

Given the price tag and affordable compared to other stock shop, it is believed that the clothes department "Surname" is good enough.And the goods at such low prices can not be purchased at other outlets.

average prices in the "Names" on certain categories of goods


100-700 p.


400-1000 p.


300-1000 p.

male costume

1000-2000 p.


500-2000 p.


1900-3500 p.


200-1500 p.

and discounts

Shops "Last Name" offer the consumer a "falling prices" during the seasonal sales and gift social cards.Loyal customer discount program allows you to use a 7% discount on Mondays, other days by 5 or 3%.For lovers of shopping Stock and sales surprise will be a good gift card for the purchase of clothing.Department stores "Last Name" (shops in Moscow) allow the residents of the capital available on the "social map Muscovite" discounts: 5% during the week, and 3% at the weekend.On the rules of getting a discount card can be found by advisors, going to the store "Last Name."

Business partners ...

The company has already established base of suppliers, most of which are working with the founding of the trade organization "Last Name."Shops, reviews which indicate constant influx of customers are never empty.Therefore, it is important a wide range of products sold through this network, regularly updated through distribution centers and suppliers."Surname" permanent partners offers several favorable conditions: to implement a variety of products, individual items in any amount or range of products from fragmented.

through the store network "Name" can be sold:

  • out of fashion or illiquid products, clothes, are not implemented in a season;
  • goods having "broken" size range;
  • things are not in demand among the population;
  • products manufactured or imported in the amount of above-plan.

Competitive Advantage Network "Last»

To view the range of stores necessarily look of "Last Name" online store, once is enough to visit a department store and see all the eyes.Here you can explore the company's competitive advantages over other discounters.

Firstly, "Last Name" sells off-season collection priced below market.Secondly, working with many manufacturers without intermediaries.Its client base - more than 40 brands.Third, the low cost price of the goods due to lower costs: personnel costs, rent, the creation of expensive interior.Minimalism and rationality - is the basis for registration of the trade hall network.

Trading company "Familia" is able to develop and operate in any economic environment, regardless of the severity of the crisis.Mode to reduce costs sooner or later becomes part of the strategy of any market operator.Therefore, the company's position is very favorable, regardless of the state of the economy: a favorable or crisis.

Shop "Surname".Customer reviews

No business trade can not only have a strong hand, there is always a "weakness" that are evident to visitors.Network "Last Name" - shopping, reviews of which are actively left as regular customers, and visit a department store once.Negative stories about the campaign in the "surname" more than positive reviews.What are the disadvantages of most note buyers?

  1. «The abundance of junk from China."If you do not want to buy clothes from the Chinese or Turkish producers, then come immediately to the stands, where hangs branded clothing.Of course, the range of stock can not store 100% consist of branded goods.We must not forget that among the factories in China and Turkey have a decent producers.
  2. «in the stores a mess, clothes lying on the floor, the size of confused, not tidy, and so on. D." Confusion in the sales rooms - the inevitable result of the influx of customers.Many do not take into account that the "Surname" - Shop (St. Petersburg), self-service, so the visitor finds himself and chooses the things that brings the fitting, and then have to put all on the places.At the end of each shift, and an hour before the start of the day cleaning service department sellers on the trading floor: hang clothes in size, the item is returned to the field.
  3. «In the hall there is the sellers."Seller working day - 12 hours during which time it executes the plan, reassesses, acceptance of a new product, clean up the mountain scattered things.The scope of work giant, with 1500 m2 allocate only two staff (savings on staff).
  4. Economy Class - a "Last Name" - shopping, reviews of which are very controversial.Buyers complained: "The hall looks like a dull warehouse, not look at that, the clothes smelled musty."Savings and minimalism in the halls allow to maintain low prices, so that attract visitors.Stoke-store self-service - these words have reported that the buyer is not a boutique.

More reviews from customers affect issues such as the violation of the law of return of goods, long queues, lack of staff, illegal "search" of visitors, no price tags or the presence of two different price tags, no curtains in the fitting rooms and more.

This network has never claimed to be an exclusive or a high level of quality."Surname" - shop reviews which allow everyone to make their conclusion.It is important to know before going to the store is really worth buying at discounters and how to maintain it.

whether to go to work in the "surname"?

high turnover and high permeability - a specificity of work in "Last Name."Shop, feedback from staff that you need to check regularly needs new staff.The problem of the network is a constant shortage of workers and staff turnover.What are the reasons, and that employees are not satisfied with the network?

  • wages an average of 12 thousand. P., With fulfillment of the plan - a solid premium.The plan is carried out during the year 4-5, and in the rest of the year - "falls."All shortages and failure to plan is deducted from the salary.
  • scourge of all shops and self-service flow are huge shortages and theft.Manual "Surname" saved and has equipped trading rooms cameras, so there are misfortunes, when the guard literally scours every buyer.
  • Staff shortages in some stores the network causes that cashiers perform the functions of merchants, and administrators - guards.
  • Low motivation of staff is a problem of some stores, "Last Name", which leads to a disrespect to customers.

collectives of all department stores are different from each other, some of them quite strong and close-knit, working from the opening day.Many, including the implementation of the plan depends on whether the sellers are working with visitors to department stores.

The secret to the popularity of shopping "Last name?"

Prices of good things can not be low.With the opening of a department store for themselves "Surname" many buyers have realized that in this shop actually find interesting and even branded items at a reasonable cost.Festive or particularly beautiful dresses are very rare, but a lot of clothes in classic style, there is something to choose the office to work, a large variety of items for everyday use at home or at the cottage.Women of things much more than men, they are constantly updated.

Many like household goods department.It is very convenient to buy it in small utensils, packaging and accessories for gifts.You can also buy utensils for design: vases, bowls, plates.

policy favorable prices made popular more than one brand.National recognition it has received a network "Last Name."Shop, reviews which tell how decent discounts pleasing customers is constantly growing and evolving.Department of "Last Name" without exaggeration be called discounters, where the whole family can get dressed.Those who do not will like paltry price for quality products?It is very beneficial when you can buy all the necessary goods for the house and family in one place.

underwear, bed linen from 100 p., Pants, shirts from 150 p., 500 p shoes.- All this and much more implements Shop "Surname" (Kazan).Reviews say that the department can pick up high-quality stuff, especially since the arrival of new products."Surname" - Shop (St. Petersburg), which is constantly developing system of discounts and offers.For example, 20% discount on the purchase of two brand items at the same price.The owners of a discount card discounts are available every day from 5 to 7%.

In "Name" you can often find things from expensive natural fabrics.However, the low price immediately evokes thoughts of the buyer that the product is defective.Here it must be remembered that the implementer bases its trade policy than on the cost of every single thing, and turnover rate.

Where can I find the addresses of all the network of department stores?

Learn how to arrange a discount card for regular customers, some seasonal promotions and discounts now operate, you can have managers who call the store "Last Name."The addresses of all the network of department stores can be found on the official website.Shops are located so that any buyer has free access to them and can be easily reached by public transport.