What should be vetchinnitsa?

One of the most delicious meat delicacies, without a doubt, is a ham.The history of this product has more than one hundred years.Varnish ham in ancient Rome.

method for preparing

ham requires a phased implementation of three successive processes.They consist in salted, smoked meat and pressing.Of course, the product that we now offer online shopping, is quite different from that which was used in ancient Rome.Modern meat processing enterprises producing ham standardized factory method.

The production process begins with the creation of semi-finished products stored for some time.Next, the workpiece is heat treated using the universal chamber.The next step is dried meat.For this purpose, special cabinets.In other words, a ham produced in industrial conditions, long and very troublesome.

Making a quality product

now offers factory-made ham causes a lot of criticism.It leaves much to be desired and the composition of the product.Not surprisingly, older people with nostalgia those products that are produced in the old days.But do not despair.You can feast on delicious ham today.Create a high-quality product that does not contain a harmful impurities will help modern appliance.

It is called so - vetchinnitsa.Consumer reviews are positive about this device.Buyers vetchinnitsu praised for its ability to produce a variety of meat dishes.It is noteworthy that the user can create their own recipe products, adding to the composition of certain ingredients.

The principle of

He who loves to experiment with different recipes and please their household and visitors interested in fish and meat dishes, all means should be vetchinnitsa.Reviews of consumers say that it easily at home can produce both simple and sophisticated product options that will just melt in your mouth.

What is vetchinnitsa?This mold, with which and produced a very tasty meat dishes.The product is cooked in the form in the compressed form.This allows you to purchase his excellent taste.

What is the working principle vetchinnitsy?It is quite effective and simple.Inside compressed form all the ingredients incorporated into it and tested further heat treatment consisting of cooking and baking.Any of the cooked dishes will be different richness and exquisite taste of natural products.And enjoy all this splendor will help you vetchinnitsa.User reviews indicate the convenience of using the device.It can be placed in Aerogrill, oven, pressure cooker, pots and multivarka having a volume bowl at least five liters.

budget option

vetchinnitsa What should be in your kitchen?Anyone who has not previously applied the device for manufacturing of meat delicacies, do not begin to do it with the outdated and most inexpensive models.Some consumers do not want to make your own delicious foods after they have been applied metal vetchinnitsa.Reviews housewives talk about a whole list of disadvantages of such molds.These include:

- the possibility of injury on the sharp edges of the flasks in the slipping of hands during tensioning springs;

- leaking juice;

- difficulty in removing.

positive side of the cheap metal vetchinnits is the possibility of installing them in the oven.

newest models

most convenient and effective option would be a modern device.Today vetchinnitsy usually made from environmentally friendly plastic that when heated emits no foreign odors, as well as stainless steel.For convenience, many models are equipped with a thermometer.

modern vetchinnits edges polished and have a rounded shape.In addition, such a mold is completely absent between the contact springs and the housing.All this allows the device to be user friendly and completely safe to use.With such a device can be prepared not only ham sausage.Very tasty obtained a variety of pates and meat sauce for the children.

device brand Redmond

any housewife, enthusiastic cooking, enjoy home cooking meat delicacies, when she will be in the kitchen vetchinnitsa "Redmond."Reviews of many consumers say that with the help of this device without any trouble, you can get not only the home ham, and fish and meat specialties.

product prepared with his own hands, will certainly appreciate its unique taste.And this, no doubt, will help vetchinnitsa "Redmond."Feedback from customers suggest that the application of the mold may be selected favorite spices and the most unexpected parts.

However, this approach is not only vetchinnitsa gourmets.It is recommended to those who lead a healthy lifestyle.Consumers will always be sure that the products on their table did not include in its membership artificial colors, stabilizers and preservatives.

In addition, for the preparation of a large range of products suitable vetchinnitsa Redmond.Reviews consumers appreciated the succulent pork, homemade rolls, flavorful sausages and many other meat dishes, which were obtained with this device.

Complete with vetchinnitsey goes cookbook.It sets out the recipes by leading chefs of Redmond.Using them, you can get a variety of products: from classical to normal very original.

principle of the device brand "RedmondĀ»

cooking process in vetchinnitse Redmond company is based on the heat treatment of all the ingredients are compressed inside a special mold made of metal.The device can be placed in a pressure cooker, multivarku, aerogrill, oven or a regular pan with a capacity of more than five liters.Compression product vetchinnitse possible thanks to three metal spring having high strength.It is worth saying that a multivarku device can be placed without any fear for the integrity of the bowl.Stainless steel, which is made of the case and all details vetchinnitsy not hurt cover during cooking.

For deli meats all the ingredients placed inside the mold.Further products are hermetically sealed with a lid and placed in multivarku.Thereafter, the cup should pour water and set on the device desired program.

in the oven or in Aerogrill ham prepared according to the same principle.It consists of a stacking device relevant ingredients, adding water to the vessel and the choice of a suitable temperature and time.For details on operation vetchinnitsy given in the cookbook.It posted illustrations of dishes that were prepared by chef of Redmond.

Features vetchinnits brand Tescoma

Czech company "Tescoma" develops, manufactures and markets a broad line of products for a variety of dishes.In addition to the huge range of products and the original design of the brand are of high quality used in their manufacture of materials and perfect processing of each item.

very popular among buyers enjoyed manufactured by "Tescoma" vetchinnitsa.User reviews confirm its high strength and excellent functionality.In the production of these instruments the company uses only high-quality material, which is hygienic.This stainless steel (made of her inner parts vetchinnitsy) and plastic with silicone (found out).This combination of materials allows the device to be very durable.In addition, users report that after the cooking process is very easy to clean vetchinnitsa Tescoma.Reviews of many housewives recommend to get this particular device.Its ease of operation makes it possible to save time.

How does vetchinnitsa company Tescoma?

mold known Czech company designed to give the product the desired shape after 1-2 hours of cooking.The company's specialists have thought his instrument to the smallest detail.In this connection, a very user-friendly operation is vetchinnitsa Tescoma.User reviews emphasize the possibility of taking out light dishes from her body.In contrast to the devices of other companies previously laid in stuffing packets is not needed here.

Not so long ago the company released a new vetchinnitsa Presto with a thermometer.User reviews say about the convenience of this model.Thermometer allows you to control the water temperature, which is a device within the limits that are set recipe.

Why buy vetchinnitsu company Tescoma?

There are people who still prefer store-bought products.These lures have a familiar taste of food and nice color.However, it should be remembered that all these features are created using special harmful additives.

one who is attentive to their nutrition, attract vetchinnitsa Tescoma Presto.Reviews supporters of a healthy lifestyle note of the fact that this device is possible to prepare a large number of diverse and healthy dishes.This is confirmed by the producers themselves in the attached vetchinnitse collection of recipes.For example, in the book you can find a potato-cheese dish.However, not only these recipes to please its owners vetchinnitsa "Presto."User reviews that have already come up with your own recipes, unanimously extremely tasty and delicious dishes prepared with this device simple and easy.Among them are not only the ham and turkey, chicken, rabbit and pork.This huge number of tasty dishes like terrines and pates, and potatoes with sour cream.

Characteristics manufacturing

What made vetchinnitsa Presto?Feedback from customers express their appreciation for this instrument.Many have appreciated the special polymer used for the production of housing.He easily withstand temperatures of up to one hundred degrees.It has outstanding characteristics and other encapsulating polymer - silicone.It is able to withstand temperatures of 230 degrees.With regard to the spring mold and its thermometer is used for the manufacture of high-quality stainless steel.This combination of materials vetchinnitsa "Presto" has a high quality, which contributes to its popularity in the consumer market.