What are the essential vitamins for hair?

environment today is not the most favorable way affects our health.And with the advancement of technology there are some problems.All this could not but affect the hair.Exposure to the sun, wind, UV rays affect them badly.The fair sex is also not particularly sparing the hair, exposing them to the dryer, irons, ploek and other styling.As a result, they lose their healthy appearance, become dull and lifeless, begin to fall.In order to somehow cause hair in order, you need to take vitamins for hair.Review them as stunning rapid means for the treatment and hair growth can be heard from many women.

consider what vitamins for hair to drink so that they most effectively help in the care.The first vitamin - is biotin or vitamin H. It is part of a complex of vitamin B. It is found in milk, egg yolk, yeast and prevents loss and graying of hair.

second important component - this iron.His lack can lead to hair loss.Iron is found in cocoa powder, biscuits, chocolate, eggs, dried apricots and other products.

Vitamin A and Vitamin E - a vitamin for hair, a review which got very flattering.In fact, vitamin A is an antioxidant that nourishes the hair with natural oils.It is found in milk, vegetables, poultry, eggs, fish, meat and others. As for vitamin E, it normalizes blood circulation, promotes the penetration of nutrients through the blood.It is present in vegetable oils, green vegetables, nuts and beans.

Vitamins for Hair, a review of which is also evidence of their effectiveness - is vitamin C, zinc and magnesium.Vitamin C is another popular antioxidants.It is contained in many fruits and vegetables.Zinc is found in wheat germ, seeds, bran.A magnesium - in seafood, soy, nuts.

So if you correctly will correct your diet, your locks will look much better.

give an example of a nutrient mask that speeds up hair growth.For its preparation will need two tablespoons burdock and castor oils, vitamins B6 and A (one capsule), lemon juice.You can use a special preparation "Dimexidum", which contributes to a deeper and more rapid penetration of vitamins and nutrients to the hair structure.

also to maintain the beauty of hair can be used and modern trends in the field of cosmetics.Spray "Alive Vitamins for hair and body" of Natura Siberica perfect for moisturizing and give your hair a natural shine.It is made from natural products - plants, berries, vitamins.Spray instantly nourishes and fills the hair with moisture and protects against the harmful effects of the environment.The mask must be uniformly applied to the hair and close them with cellophane and wrap a towel.Keeps this mask for about two hours and then washed off with shampoo.

It should also be remembered that the poor condition of hair can be due to the failure of the thyroid gland.Therefore vitamins for hair, a review of which although impressive, can not help to solve the problem until the end.In this case, it is better to address to the endocrinologist.