Fight for experienced workers

labor market in our country has recovered to a level where the employee receives not one but several job offers.Which specialists are particularly attractive alternative?

Autumn 2010 an optimistic trend continued to improve the situation on the labor market."The current Fall made a significant step towards improving the situation in the recruitment market as a whole", - says Sergey Volkov, a consultant on search and selection of personnel holding "Empire personnel".

Kurantova Natalia, director of sales personnel agency Kelly Services, says the key changes that have occurred in the labor market in the autumn of 2010: "This is the time when qualified personnel reappears choice.The market perked up enough. "

autumn of 2008, there were no jobs at all.Dismissal from work often meant that at least in the next month the employee will have to look for a job.

the end of 2009 the market began to appear vacancy.In general, the dismissal is no longer a death sentence, but at an employment officer had to compromise her future boss.

Now the labor market took another step: now qualified candidate an opportunity to choose between several proposals.

increasing turnover of staff in the offices of Russian companies."The latter is due, on the one hand, with the desire of employees to change jobs more suitable to their requirements, the other - with the desire of employers to carry out the replacement of less efficient staff who burned at work, and even after the return of bonus schemes and higher wages does not show the resultswhich requires an employer to a more effective ", - says Laura Buromsky, director of recruitment in Moscow personnel holding" Encore. "

Who will need

¬ędemand today sales managers (banking products, consumer goods), medical representatives", - says Natalya Kurantova.

These professionals are always in demand among employers.Most often they have no fixed salary, they earn a percentage of sales.In this regard, there is a perception among employers that salespeople can not in principle exist in the loss of the company.

In fact, it is not always the case: for example, in the pursuit of increased sales of these staff unfairly reduced product prices.Because of this revenue, which is already in crisis was slightly reduced.However, this position is in demand on the labor market has always, and, apparently, in the near future the situation will not change.

Some salespeople lose customers no fault of their own, but because of the cut support from the marketing department.When executives realized it once again began to grow States Department of indirectly providing an increase in sales.Increased demand for marketers and brand managers.

Also this fall, the demand for IT professionals.In the past few companies engaged in software development, among the most popular items in the labor market are IT staff who support the work of a company, - helpdesk, system administrators.Now once again we began to recruit programmers - companies are willing to invest in software development.

great demand workers of engineering units.Deficiency of these specialists in the Russian saved with pre-crisis times.But the situation is very confused because of the unevenness of the demand for these employees in different regions of Russia.Russian workers are not always ready to change their place of residence for the improvement of working conditions.According to opinion polls, are capable of only 2% of the population of Russia.It turns out a paradoxical situation: jobs for technicians is, however, unemployment rates are still high.

But do not rush to change their place of work - it is better to wait with this until next year.

¬ęDecember - unwanted month because you have to pay wages for a long period of non-working days, which, of course, is unprofitable, - says Natalya Efimova, head of department on work with clients FG Agency.- If a candidate is right for them and they are willing to accept it, the period of return to work is postponed to the end of the holidays. "

them to increase salary

* Sales managers, marketers will increase salaries and bonuses, as it depends on them profit.

* Technicians - their deficits remained with the pre-crisis times, and with every month is increasing.

* Programmers regained its status as top specialists among employers.The number of project tasks for them is growing.

* The evaluators of financial risks in the price today.The demand for such professionals exceeds the supply on the market.

* HR-specialists, not a change of the company during the crisis, could count on an increase.

They do not raise the salary

* Young people under 24 years without work experience - the most restrained category of workers in today's labor market.Now companies do not have the resources to deal with the education of young employees, so preference is given to adult counterparts.

* Employees of investment companies.The investment industry is considered to be unattractive to work due to the fact that companies are reluctant to invest if they do not bring a return in the coming months.

* Attorneys General Practice.Today, such an overabundance of specialists in the labor market.Their salaries have not grow and grow in the coming year will not be.

Anton Zayniev

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