What is the best remedy for sunburn - the secrets of beautiful and healthy skin

rare woman does not dream of a beautiful bronze tan flat, using any opportunity to get in a solarium or at the first glimpse of the sun lie on the beach.Often, however, the desired result is very different from the real one.As a rule, deciding for themselves what is best remedy for sunburn, women are based on the degree of protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation, low paying attention to features of their skin.Consequently, after exposure to sun tanning not only receive but also problems as acne, greasy or, for example, peeling.So, you need to pay attention, to determine what the best tanning products?

Firstly, the need to build on what you're going to get a suntan - sunny or solarium.The composition of the tubes of cosmetics for use before and after visiting the solarium is very different from the ones we usually take to the beach.Beautiful bronze skin from exposure to UV lamps - it has great merit and certain tanning.Reviews women, often visiting the solarium, argue that the procedures necessary to complete the ideal three tubes - activating sunburn, prolongator and its developer.Each of them performs its function, and together they complement each other and provide a smooth and beautiful tan.

And what tanning is best to use, sunbathing on the beach?Firstly, it should be noted that, as in the case with a solarium, this procedure should be carried out using at least two different tube with cosmetics for the body.The first - a means of protecting against harmful ultraviolet radiation, and the second - a cream or lotion, care for the skin after sun exposure.The composition of the latter include the components that contribute to hydration, nutrition, and often enhance the tanning of the skin, which provide special natural bronzers.

As mentioned above, choosing a tanning better paid little attention to skin type, which determines the SPF-factor used cosmetics.The fact that the lighter the skin, the figure should be higher than the level of protection funds from UV rays, known to many.Recently, by the way, are increasingly hear the opinions of doctors and cosmetologists that the use of funds with a level of less than 30 SPF is useless even for very dark skin (fourth photo type).Choosing the best way to tan, be sure to take into account the type of your skin in general - dry, normal, mixed or oily.

fact that different in their structure and type of cosmetics for skin care before and after tanning (cream, spray, lotion, etc.) Is designed for different skin types.For example, creamy very good moisturize and soften the skin, but they also give it a richness and brilliance, so not recommended for oily skin.For it is best suited liquid cosmetics in the form of lotions or sprays.Dry skin, on the contrary, it is in need of a sunblock that protects it from excessive dryness and flaking.

Typically, the packaging of cosmetics tested Sun known manufacturers applied the information not only about the level of SPF protection, but also on the type of skin for which it is intended.Pay attention to it, and your tan will always be beautiful without harming the skin.