How to disassemble "iPhone 4" without special tools

Water entering the inside of the iPhone, the most common cause when you need an extra body part dismantling device.However, in order to remove the phone battery, and protect electronic components from the damaging effects of the liquid, it is necessary to have knowledge about how to disassemble "iPhone 4".However, not all of the owners of branded device has the technical means in the form of specialized mobile tool.Nevertheless, the situation requires decisive action.

to solve the problem without the use of professional tools

However, no fine Phillips and flat-head screwdriver all your attempts to dismantle the panel gently smartphone doomed to failure.However, even with the above-mentioned difficulties in dismantling the tool still does not escape.The fact that at the first stage of dismantling, you will need to unscrew the two screws pentalobe.The five-pointed star (the profile of the bolts securing the lower end of the housing) is easily twisting, if you grope "stable" focus faces screws.

forced retreat or disassemble "iPhone 4" without consequences

Warning: any slippage instrument useless rotation (demolition thrust facets) with excessive force, as well as shaking hands totally unacceptable in a very responsible business - dismantling.All that you will be able to achieve under such conditions of work - it is the mechanical body damage (deep scratches, chipping and delamination) and ripped the screws.

Removing the cover and disconnect the battery


  • pentalobe Remove the screws, slide the rear of the panel up and then lift it.
  • Flex battery protective cover.Remove the screw, and use the old bank card gently pry the lock connector.
  • Pull out the tab insert the battery.

In this first stage of the described process, "disassemble" iPhone 4 "is executed. Now you devaysu short circuit is not threatened. The battery is charged.

Dismantling main camera

further manipulation:

  • pulling SIM tray.
  • two horizontally placed at the top of the bolt, and two downstream closer to the left to twist. remove the protective steel plate.
  • disassemble vibration motor (upper right-screw).
  • disconnect connector 5 loops.
  • shoot camera.

Removing the system board

This is the most critical part of the practical guide, illuminating the question of how to disassemble "iPhone 4".

  • Near Connector platform battery connector is protection strip. Remove the two fixing screws, remove it.
  • Disconnect the cable from the system board and slide it to the left.
  • now at the bottom of the phone to the right, loosen the retaining bolt polyphonic module.Unplug the coaxial cable, remove the plastic part.
  • In the middle of the motherboard (near the middle of the body) is the locking screw to be unscrewed in order to release the motherboard smartphone.
  • Gently poddevat "heart iPhone" and withdraw it from the body frame.

Important "trifles"

Now you remove the "hanging" part, and the question of how to disassemble "iPhone 4" photos that you see in dismantled form, it can be considered a practical solution.

  • In the bottom of the phone, remove the two screws holding the lower loop.
  • carefully remove the right (skovyrnite!) Microphone, which is in the end of the housing.
  • Disconnect trail button "Home" and remove it.
  • Now remove the system connector.

way, differ in details the processes of dismantling the iPhone 4 and the modification of its receiver with a significant letter «S».However, the essence of the question: "How to disassemble" iPhone 4 S ", - is identical to the described process, except for a few bolts and some dimensional differences in the details. For example:

  • upper part of a smartphone with a 'dotted with" a variety of small details. Therefore, utmost attention - veryan essential element when such an important process as the final stage showdown iPhone devices.
  • Audio unit is fixed to the inner end screw.
  • front camera just pulled out of the grooves of the body frame.
  • speaker, buttons and sensor removed, in general, elementary. It is only important not to make any sudden movements, and be very careful.

final milestone

module screen is not recommended to touch. Even if it detects explicit ingress of moisture into the interior of the display you can hardly at home to eliminate bad factor of penetration of liquid. Inthe case of complete wetting your iPhone's visit in a specialized workshop you just can not avoid.If you are not at dismantling found traces of water - well, you is one thing - carefully clean the area with alcohol and a connector to collect the device to its original state.


Now you know how to disassemble "iPhone 4".Chinese clone, among other things, during removal much more difficult, since some structural elements are fixed on the basis of the adhesive, which at times increases the risk of damaging the parts removed.However, this is a separate subject of the narrative.Successful "iPhone" -razborki!