Antikolikovaya Feeding Bottle: reviews

Pregnancy - a happy time that many mothers then often recall and want to relive.Of course, some women overcomes toxicosis, swelling and allergies, but it, like the pain of childbirth, forgotten pretty quickly.In the first stirring of memory remain, a knock on the heart ultrasound and pleasant chores.

With great responsibility expectant mothers coming to buy the necessary things for a newborn.Clothing, hygiene items, diapers, pacifiers - everything has to be ready for the appearance of crumbs.However, it is vain to think that the first baby utensils needed only with the introduction of complementary foods.

Unfortunately, not all mothers of newborns get so desired to establish breastfeeding.So just in case the house should be a very important thing - antikolikovaya bottle.

Why is it necessary?

Any pediatrician will tell you that breast milk can not be compared, even the most expensive mixture.The unique composition which contains required substances, hormones and enzymes is very similar to the composition of tissue and cells of the baby.In addition, breast milk is digested well, and its components and consistency vary with your child.

But if the mother is going to breastfeed (the preferred option), why do I need a bottle for feeding antikolikovaya?Note that according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the child should not be given pacifiers and feeding from a bottle.But in the end only the mother can decide what is best for her baby, so listen to yourself - even with no experience you will instinctively make the right choice.

To Bottle feeding many young parents are turning because of the need.It happens that the mother should go to school or to college early to go to work - unfortunately, in today's world the most difficult with time, which is never enough.Then the women begin to express breast milk that the nurse or grandmother always able to feed the baby.

Choosing bottle

first visited the children's store, the parents are in shock from this variety of products that offer modern manufacturers.It seems that you can invent a new respect for this simple accessories like baby bottle?

models with two types of nipple (latex or silicone), plastics and glass, as well as varying amounts of bottles - the most famous brands made a real competition for every buyer.But when there antikolikovaya bottle, then the majority of mothers decided the problem of choosing itself.

Secret antikolikovoy bottle

first price seemed a bit overpriced, and many doubted that an ordinary bottle can solve the problem with colic, who often care kids.And we will not give the new parents a false hope: antikolikovaya bottle is not able to cure the child from the pain in his stomach.But this thing really can reduce the probability of their occurrence.

Colic in infants occur most often because of the air entering the inside during feeding.Because of the vacuum that formed in the conventional bottle, the baby has to break away from the feeding mouth and trap air.Thus, air enters the stomach causing discomfort and crumbs.Unbearable screams, sleepless nights, vent pipes and the helplessness of the parents - pediatricians shrug and say that colic will pass as the child grows.

in any pharmacy there for at least five drugs that are likely to help your child cope with colic.No less popular tool in the fight against this disease become antikolikovye baby bottles.Reviews moms say completely different behavior of the child during normal use and antikolikovoy bottle.

LATEST it equipped with a special valve that lets air into the bottle, resulting in the surface of the milk (or mixtures thereof) bubbles are formed.With this system, the child can not be interrupted during meals.

Phillips Avent

One of the most popular children's producers - Phillips Avent.Range for moms and babies include:

  • radio and baby monitors;
  • breast and sterilizers;
  • utensils for feeding and storage;
  • heaters and thermo;
  • pacifiers and other accessories.

company's specialists do not cease to improve products for young consumers, so today antikolikovaya bottle "Avent" is equipped with an innovative system with a double valve.

Series Natural

parents choose for their children to the British brand products, several benefits:

  • versatility.All items Avent compatible with each other and are equipped with a wide neck, so you can easily add the mixture into the bottle.
  • Security.In the manufacture of glassware is not applicable harmful substances.
  • Comfort.Bottle is easy to disassemble, clean and collect - even young dad cope with this simple task.

greatest popularity gained from a series of Natural Avent.Many pediatricians warn that with the beginning of bottle-feeding the baby may stop to take the breast.For this reason, designers have developed a wide nipple.Its shape follows the woman's breast, so combining natural and bottle feeding is quite simple.The lower part consists of a pacifier special "petals" that make it more flexible and soft, providing comfort for the child.Besides, the container fits in your hand comfortably.

Tommee Tippee

Not less demand antikolikovaya bottle Tommee Tippee.Specialists of this brand are not cost ordinary valve.A series of bottles Closer to Nature Anti-Colic Plus truly unique.

This system is a combination of pipes and several valves, which provide ventilation during feeding.Antikolikovaya from Tommee Tippee bottle is equipped with a temperature indicator fluid.Pink is above the recommended temperature of 37 degrees for the baby.The blue color on the thermosensitive tube shows that feeding currently safely.

Many parents report an unusual shape Closer to Nature, which provides a slow fluid supply.On the nipple of ultrasoft silicone have special cross rings that mimic the natural movements of the female breast


Bottles Dr.Brown's feature, perhaps the most ingenious system antikolikovoy:

  • In the first stage air enters through the hole located in the holder nipples.This contact with the breast milk, or a mixture is not available.
  • air then makes his way through the ventilation system, and is above the liquid.
  • Due to the positive pressure of the nipple does not stick together, and the child continues to quietly eating.

Dr.Brown's - unique antikolikovye bottles, reviews of which can easily be found on specialized resources for parents.Those who have used this dish during the colic, confirm their significant reduction.

the minuses young mothers say the complexity of care - equipment includes five parts and a special brush for cleaning.Furthermore, the volume scale is transparent letters that very inconvenient, for example during nighttime feedings.Overall antikolikovaya bottle Dr.Brown's get the job 100%.

Another argument

Antikolikovye bottles, photos and reviews of which are represented in the Network, produces virtually every major manufacturer of children's products.Most of them are equipped with one or more valves, others boast innovative designs.Of course, this can not affect the price.

Unfortunately, getting rid of colic guarantee you no one will.But there is another, no less important point: the little kids usually eat for a long time, and if at this time there is an air bottle, vitamins, or a mixture of breast milk can be oxidized.Thus, all the nutrients that a baby should receive disappear.

price difference between conventional and antikolikovoy bottle is about 200-300 rubles, but to save the health and comfort of the baby just not worth it.