How about "Android" to put a melody to the bell quickly and easily?

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most important part of setting personal mobile devices is to set individual ringtones.There are several ways to solve this problem.The question of how to "Android" to put a melody to the bell, is almost completely dependent on the version of the system.

Installation of special ringtones on Android versions 2 and 3

These versions have been released 5 years ago, in mid-2009.The main effort of their creators were aimed primarily at improving the level of safety, as well as the optimization of available memory and system performance.It was not yet implemented the ability to establish custom ringtones through the usual setting for personal calls.That is why, before you put a melody to the bell in the old version of "Android", you must first prepare.The most common and easiest way is to create special folders or set the soundtrack through the standard player.

How to "Android" to put a melody on a call using the special folders

If the smartphone has a USB-cable for connection to a home computer, you simply create a special audiopapki for incoming calls, alarms, SMS, or all sorts of reminders.

In order to understand how to "Android" to put a melody on a call, it is necessary to follow a few steps.The whole process can be reflected so:

  1. With standard cable connects to a smartphone with a computer.
  2. The root directory creates a special folder for music and ringtones Media.Or, if it is already present, it opens its content.
  3. dedicated folder is created in a subdirectory Audio.
  4. to add your own tunes are such a directory: Alarm, Ringtones, Notification.In order to put the melody on a call, you will need a directory Ringtones.It
  5. here loading desired song or soundtrack to "Android".Put a call melody can be created just from the root folder Ringtones.
  6. correctly and stable operation of the phone is disconnected from the computer and reboot.

How to put your favorite tune to the call through a standard media player

This method is also more suitable for earlier versions of the present system.To start requires that the correct tune was previously downloaded via USB-connection or other available channels.

then in the standard menu "Android" -smartfona select "Music" icon.When pressed, it turns on the media player.Then, by pressing the "Settings" menu opens.This list is required to press the available display "Set as".After all this, you see the following context menu, where the opportunity to deliver the desired ringtone for all contacts or a single challenge.

Another important point: before on "Android" put the ring tones, you should move all the contacts in the phone's memory.

How to set your ringtone to "Android 4.0" and higher

principal difference between the modern versions of the Android system is known in the presence of a variety of additional options.It is through them, you can easily make your mobile device the individual and recognizable.On the subject of how to "Androide" put the call melody, there are also several ways.

  • Change and filling in any personal contact in the phonebook of your smartphone.To do this, you need only select the desired number from the context menu select "Edit" and choose among the list of settings Setting the ringer.In the present gallery ringtones you can also upload your own ringtone from the phone memory.
  • use numerous mobile software for the individualization of the contacts and SMS.It can be both paid and free apps.The most famous of them - it's Ringo + Ringtones, Audio Ringtones, Ringtone Maker, and many other interesting and original programs.In addition, many of them allow you to edit existing tracks and cut your favorite part specifically for the specific call or SMS.