How to sync iPhone contacts with Android?

Currently the iPhone and Android - the two greatest in the world of mobile platforms.Despite the fact that between them there is a huge gap, and between fans from both camps is a war constantly, it may be necessary to transfer data from one device to another, and vice versa.Can it be done?Of course yes.Next you will learn how the transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

Manual exchange contacts

special application "Contacts iPhone» intended for manual setting of joint contacts - one at a time - to the second device.To do this, you want to open the corresponding application in which to select the desired contact.The page will be highlighted data that you want to scroll down to select the item «Share».Share You can contact via e-mail or message.Unfortunately, there is access to only one terminal at a time, so if in your list, there are hundreds or thousands of records, for transferring them will take some time.That is such a sync iPhone contacts with Android is the slowest.

Annex iTunes

You can also use more advanced techniques.For this purpose synchronization iPhone contacts and Google.This approach can be implemented using iTunes, installed on your computer, connect to the Internet, as well as a special cable to connect to the iPhone and the account when Google.

Synchronizing contacts in this case will affect the contact name, number, picture and other information, including which address, e-mail, various notes and website address, if any.

How to do it?

Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android as follows.At first Apple device you want to connect to a computer.The device will be displayed after connecting in iTunes.It should click on its shortcut to see the summary page.Next, you click the "Information".Next to "Sync contacts" to tick, and then select from the drop down menu «Google Contacts».After that you will be required to enter your login and password account Google, if earlier it was not done.You can also change previously established an account by clicking on "Customize."After clicking the "Apply", iTunes will begin to sync iPhone contacts with Android.

If your Google account is not registered on your phone, it can be easier to add it to the special menu: "Settings" - "User Accounts."

Using the iCloud

Another option of how to transfer contacts from your iPhone in Android, is to use the service iCloud.If your device from Apple has included this service, it is likely to have a backup of all your contacts in this service.You can use the desktop version of Internet browser, go to the website service where enter your login iCloud.To view a list of contacts you need to select "Contacts".Next, select the data that you want to export.Further, in the lower left corner, press the gear icon and then select "Export vCard".On your PC will be loaded VCF file that will contain transfer contacts.Now you can turn off your iPhone 4. Transferring contacts on Android-powered device can be made by importing a previously created file in Google Contacts or by copying it to the / SDCard-directory of your gadget.Then you can import it directly into the phone using a special application "Contacts".

program Contacts Backup

Most applications are useful when using contacts.One of these is the Contacts Backup for iOS.With it you can make backups, as well as the exchange of contacts from iPhone to Android-based phones without the need for an intermediary such as a computer.

Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android in a way initially involves the installation of applications Contacts Backup from the App Store.Then you can run the program, then select "Backup".This procedure allows to copy contacts iPhone, which at the moment you have.You can then enter the e-mail to send to her via VCF-file.Send a message with an attached file to your account.On the receiving device, you will only have to open the message, downloaded from a file attachment, and then importing the content to the phone.This Android sync contacts with the iPhone is not particularly difficult, and for many is the most convenient way to transfer data.

Using the Bump

This option is also very interesting.With the application can control the shift Bump contacts and any other files by simply connecting the devices to each other.To do this, the program has been installed on both devices and that there is an active connection to the Internet.In this case, transfer contacts from iPhone to Android is very simple.

You must first install the app on both devices.Next, you need to run it on both instruments, when requesting permission you want to allow.Since you are interested in transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, it should be the first device to open the "Contacts" section.It will be presented to the entire list.After that you need to mark those contacts that you are going to transfer.In the upper right corner of the screen as soon as the label of the "Apply now".After all these manipulations, press the Connect button in the pop-up dialog box to start the communication between the two devices.This will lead to the fact that a copy of all of your favorite contacts send to the receiving device.


Transferring contacts from iPhone to Android is carried out by friendly and functional applications My Contacts Backup (MC Backup).To do this, you only need to enter the App Store, download the free version of the application there, then install it and enter.In the program you must click Backup.The application automatically generate a special file in a special format vCard.After such manipulations you can only send a file created in the program's e-mail.With Android devices, you will enter your e-mail account, you will find there previously sent him a message, open it, and then download the desired file on your gadget.When this is done, you can import all the information in the phone book.

But the transfer of contacts Android-iPhone can be done in a simpler way.You just need to use the SIM card that you have.You must all contacts from your phone to copy to the SIM card.Then you can remove it and install to your iPhone.When this is done, you can copy your contacts to your device.Not always this procedure is successful, as some may be being lost contact photos, but most of the information will be kept.

Conclusion As you can see, there is no difficulty in transferring contacts from one device to another.Often the process is not as simple as one might think, but all doable.Of course, there may well be some other methods are not accounted for here, but presented and described embodiments can be called affordable for those people who are not well versed in the art.If you have a deeper knowledge it is possible to resort to some alternatives.