I would price calculation - let me will learn!

And really, why not?Estimator in our time - a profession quite popular and highly paid (depending, of course, to compare), and, importantly, limitation of certain functional responsibilities as opposed to, for example, from the mysterious and Meaningful - manager.More young and not very people thinking about in the same direction, think about this area of ​​professional activity, as a possible source of primary or additional income.That's it, the future of these estimators, persistently invite announcement of a set of training courses on the estimated cause, that they are waiting for individual sessions with experienced colleagues quantity surveyors or "fascinating" reading of estimate and regulatory framework documents alone.Not for us to judge which of these methods of learning is more effective and optimal price / performance ratio, the more so because, as a rule, result in a greater degree depends on the learner than by teachers.On the contrary, in this review I would like to show as much as possible options for education in the profession price calculation in one form or another, did not initially rejecting any of them, allowing the reader to decide the optimality of each method alone.

So the basics are often taught to estimate trade in specialized courses.How it happened?Is it correct?But there is enough short training course to acquire the necessary skills to design estimates meet all the requirements and standards?Not taking into account the rhetorical questions, we will try together with a description of the actual state of affairs to deal with the historical background of today's popular courses on the estimated business.In those days, when the only form the basis of estimate and regulatory frameworks, in line with that currently produces the majority of construction and repair work, in other words in the USSR, quantity surveyors were mostly professionals with specialized secondary education, as opposed to, for example, from engineers, the availability of higher education which had practically mandatory.Time has passed, and now many universities produce marketers, financiers and other professionals in economics, recently appeared in the national education system.However, quantity surveyors numerous universities and academies as well as unreleased.Moreover, even in technical schools, colleges and other post-secondary institutions in this specialty uncommon.Yes, and wanting to get it in college or college where the learning process extended over several years, not so much: after all, the certificate of attendance issued by the estimated case after one or at most two months of training.Of course, a job vacancy estimator rare employer will write "courses" in the column of the desired education - on the contrary, are welcomed with a higher quantity surveyors, construction of the core education.However, the "ideal" candidates with appropriate education and experience the joy of not having these advantages candidates for all vacancies are not enough, so the ability to get price calculation following the course is very real, especially in connection with the growing demand for the development of construction documents, the reasons and featureswhich, together with a description of the other most significant trends in industry conditions contained in the analytical review of the estimated market services developed on the basis of statistical data for the Krasnodar Territory.

Today the market is full of courses and training offers a variety of training the estimated cause of 300-hour training groups of 20-30 students to private lessons with an experienced estimator, the number of which is determined by the student.The quality of educational services also varies in a fairly wide range, depending on the training program, training of teachers, the proportion of practical training in the amount of the course and so on. The choice of different training options, it is desirable to carry out on the basis of existing knowledge in this specialty.For example, someone with just a few practical lessons in the program budget for the understanding of the basic algorithms of action and budgeting in the same software package in the future.Less prepared and more thoughtful will be useful detailed study of extensive theoretical basis of the estimated pricing, including the addition to the huge number of existing standards and costs a lot of nuances and subtleties of their use, such as the use of correction factors, the use of budgeted rates from different estimate and regulatory frameworks,and, most importantly, competent selection and justification included in the estimated costs.The study of these and many other questions will likely occur in the framework of self-education, because the estimated thing - this huge, decades of a set of knowledge, to know that, as a foreign language, you can, if not infinite, then a very long time.