Specialist data protection - requirements to the profession

the modern enterprise information security system may malfunction and become vulnerable, which entails large financial losses.Profession "expert on data protection" includes a range of duties limiting unauthorized access and compliance with other necessary measures.

Duties specialist

The enterprises are turning to technologies that provide security information.To do this, the most important materials is encrypted.Moreover, passwords and keys to access them do not have a system administrator, and the security service.Division companies share information through encrypted channels.The information in e-mail systems or business applications, protect special systems to protect against leaks.But in addition to techniques and important human factor.

University graduates who received the profession "specialist for data protection", sometimes incorrectly rely on their own strength and knowledge gained.In practice, they have to enlist the support of all employees of the organization and the resources entrusted to them to study the information system.The specialist is obliged to create models of the alleged threats and anticipate possible leaks.To do this, he must know the objective value of commercial information, the characteristics of the local network, computers and connected equipment.This information security specialists required to track the status of software updates and operating systems installed on office computers.His areas of interest includes a detailed study of job descriptions in the organization, it is necessary to assess and identify the likely perpetrator.

You need to know that information should normally be prepared and processed in order to apply to it the expert evaluation.With sheet coordination among specialists and experts shared responsibility for the quality of the developed document.Very useful are meetings on specific issues with the head of the enterprise.Typically, an expert on data protection is included in various commissions relating to the protection of information and personal data.

To create a trade secret among company employees subject to special profiles.Their filling helps to get expert opinions lawyer, accountant, personnel officer, and other members of the organization.As a result, it compiled a list of confidential information.

important that the specialists involved the protection of information, coordinating their actions with the security service.These two structures are inseparable and complement each other.After all, the means used enterprise security - access control, alarm, video surveillance - serve to protect the information.Data that are security systems, such as a database passes, recording video, must be protected against unauthorized access.

engineer with lawyers for the protection of information communicates as tight as with experts in information technology.They can provide invaluable assistance in the legal coverage of the issues, tell us how to understand the individual articles of laws.

Legal basis issue

Specialists involved in the protection of information in the field of business, based their work on the federal law passed in 1995.Changes have been made in 2003.It regulates the basic relations that arise during the creation, storage and dissemination of information resources.

Duties specialist described in this article, lead to the conclusion that the protection of information - a set of actions for its identification, collection, expertise and privacy, excluding its leakage.