How to restore the skin after the summer

Swarthy skin always looks attractive.Tanned body appears more slender and fit, his face white chocolate hue adds a smile.Beauticians do not argue - a tan is healthy.But only in moderate amounts.

sun has a positive effect on our mood, promotes metabolism, improves heart function and helps to produce vitamin D, so necessary for strong bones and teeth.Under the action of sunlight blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow in the skin and subcutaneous fat.Due to this the processes are activated in all connective tissues.In general, the benefits of sunbathing a lot.But there is a downside: UV provokes dehydration, irritation, and skin aging.Therefore, after-sun it needs special care.


First Aid needed face and neck area, they often suffer from harmful ultraviolet radiation.To restore the water balance, restore skin necessary moisture and tenderness, use cosmetics, which is composed of hyaluronic acid plant.That it creates on the skin surface moisture, which prevents dehydration.Hyaluronic acid effectively activates the cell division of connective tissue, preventing its aging.Emulsions and creams based on it have a soft, melting texture and pleasant to use.

Body Care

Our body is no less in need of care before and after sunbathing.If you are burned, will help cream or lotion with a high content of aloe vera gel, it has a unique regenerative properties.If the composition of cosmetic products have a peppermint extract, it will cool and refresh the injured skin, and floral water calendula relieve inflammation.

If you notice that the body skin become more dry, reddened or scaly, use cream or milk, as part of which has jojoba oil and shea butter, it contains amino acids and proteins, restoring the protective layer of skin cells.

Care knees and elbows

leather elbows, knees and feet also needs special attention.Return it velvety helps you argan and olive.Argan oil is composed of a complex of fatty acids, which can instantaneously pierce the skin and restore the desired level of humidity.Olive oil contains substances that perfectly moisturize the skin, eliminates peeling and nourish.


After Sun should refrain from using exfoliating scrubs and masks for face and body.For damaged skin it will be an added stress, peeling and irritation only intensify.So first restore the skin and then come back to their favorite cosmetics.

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