Lead engineer.

Leading engineer - an expert who has a versatile duties.Appointed to this position candidates with higher education.I have work experience is also desirable.From education depends on specialization or direction of future work.And now in more detail about what constitutes a profession leading engineer.

Job Description implies not only the above skills and knowledge.An employee of this specialty should know all of the materials that are necessary for the industry.

One of the important qualities are considered sociability and curiosity.You have to understand the prospects of development of the industry or a particular company.This will require calculations and the use of various methods.Working in a particular sector of the economy or science, leading engineer must know the regulations, standards, technical documents that are relevant to its operations.It is necessary to study additional literature, which stipulates the procedure for registration of papers or patents.

to other requirements apply knowledge in the field of labor economics, labor law, rules and safety standards.

From all the above it is clear that the leading engineer must possess comprehensive knowledge in different areas.This is necessary in order to become a qualified worker.

an engineer involves participation in drafting, technical documentation and in scientific research.He is collecting information, processing, analysis.His responsibilities include control over the quality of work performed, check them for compliance with the specifications and standards.

Lead engineer can lead the work on the design of schemes, drafting.He makes a description of these facilities provides the necessary calculations.

is the responsibility of the person occupying this position includes testing and analysis of the data.During the organization of these events leading engineer provides guidance on setting up, installing equipment.He is responsible for the safety of the operations.

Man incumbent further monitor the implementation of prototypes, projects and technical solutions.He provides technical support and control of the correct installation.Commissioning as part of his duties.

Lead Engineer is obliged to constantly improve their knowledge in the field of technological development.For this purpose it is necessary to study the domestic and foreign literature in the desired area.He must analyze the acquired knowledge and introduce them to productive activities, to engage in their propaganda.

Reporting on the work and the responsibility of the chief engineer.In addition to the duties

skilled in the art has some rights.He should be aware of all the projects connected with his work.

It makes proposals regarding its activities to the higher position.

Leading engineer has the right to provide input on their own initiative to open a new project.

He can report to the leadership of all the problems and shortcomings that are revealed in the course of the project.

He has the right to request any documentation required for the implementation of the project.

With the rapid development of technology, a new position - Senior Software Engineer.He is obliged to master computer and be able to work with the programs necessary for its operation.