The civil servant, his duties, certification

civil servant - is the workers who are in public service in a particular position.He performs duties in accordance with the relevant job description.

Duties and responsibilities of public servants

Responsibilities of civil servants are numerous and determined the position, but can be attributed to four main groups - professional obschesluzhebnym, and official restrictions.

1. Civil servants need to enforce the rules of the Constitution, maintain the established constitutional order;conscientiously fulfill the obligations defined his job description;protect and respect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens;carry out the lawful orders, directives and instructions of heads of higher posts.

2. There are certain officers and professional responsibilities.The civil servant, according to the official duties, should in time to consider appeals of citizens, institutions, public associations and organizations, local authorities, and to take appropriate decisions in accordance with established procedure, which is provided by regional and federal laws.The level of their qualifications should be maintained at an appropriate level in order to perform the duties of quality, abide by labor regulations and work with the information for internal use only.

3. A public servant shall not disclose state secrets and information relating to the honor, dignity and privacy of citizens.It - limit, but at the same time and duty.

4. In accordance with the Constitution, to certain categories of civil servants are obliged to specific targets for certain positions, which are determined by the relevant regulations.Civil servants at the same time carry out general civic duties stipulated in the Constitution (to pay the fees and taxes, protect state property and natural resources, perform military service, etc.).

civil servant is fully responsible for his actions.He is obliged to execute orders of the respective heads that are within their authority.This civil servant is prohibited to carry illegal order.If this happens, it must justify in writing the resulting illegality of the order, referring to the provisions of the legislation, as well as get a written confirmation of the need for execution of the order.

certification of civil servants

civil servant is certified to determine the suitability of the position he occupies.

During her direct supervisor gives his opinion about the quality of execution of official duties for the period.Motivated review is complemented by information about orders made by public servants, and prepared documents.Certification is carried out once every three years.

sometimes hold extraordinary certification, in cases where a decision on the reduction of posts or changes regarding the conditions of wages in the state bodies.

civil servant certifies specially formed commission.

If fixed failure to appear for certification without a valid reason or rejection of it, he is prosecuted for misconduct.

Commission usually takes such decisions:

  • relevant personnel substitutable positions;
  • recommended to include it in the personnel reserve to fill vacant positions higher;
  • does not correspond to the position, which replaces.

civil servant may appeal against the results of the evaluation.