The tax deduction for mortgage interest.

Today, not every citizen there is a sufficient amount of available funds to buy an apartment.Many have to use loans.Targeted loans are entitled to claim a tax deduction for mortgage interest, provided that the documents are drawn up in the territory of the Russian Federation.


property deductions - a benefit that gives you the opportunity to save on your mortgage.When a person buys a property, he may return from the budget paid personal income tax rate of 13%.The maximum amount is limited to 2 million rubles.If the property costs more to get something from the state can be only 2,000 x 0.13 = 260 thousand. Rub.And for those who did not receive the full amount in 2014 allowed dopoluchit from another property.In mortgage holders also have the right to receive compensation in the amount of 390 thousand. Rub.(13% of 3000 thousand. Rub.), With interest paid.

Terms compensation

Payment can only be obtained with a target loan.That is in the agreement with the bank should be specified that the funds granted for the purchase or construction of housing in Russia.Deduction from expenses can only be obtained with the same property, which features the main, if deal was made until 2014.Funds must be spent for these purposes.Deduction of interest is no longer tied to the core, it can be applied to other properties.


Until 2013 the property tax deduction in the amount of mortgages granted in the amount of interest paid.Since 2014 the amendments to the Code, which was introduced to limit the amount of compensation to three million rubles for transactions that are entered into after 2013.The deductibility of interest on mortgages is available in addition to the main body on the loan.It is also limited to the amount of 2 million rubles.


It turns out that people seem to have the bonus.But to take advantage of them, they can not, because the tax deduction for interest on mortgages is limited.The legislative changes are designed to correct this deficiency.Possibility dopoluchit compensation - it is certainly good.But the question is how much the average Russian citizen can actually buy apartments for their lives?The government expects that in the near future rates on mortgages will drop to 12-13%, which together with innovation will spur demand for real estate market.

tax deduction (mortgage): a list of documents

Since the paper of ownership have been put together with the first submission of the declaration, the compensation for the registration to collect and provide:

  • Declaration 3-PIT;
  • copy of the passport;
  • certificate of income 2-PIT;
  • application for compensation;
  • credit agreement;
  • receipt of payment or account statements;
  • repayment schedule;
  • certificate from the credit institution on actual interest paid.

This package of documents to be transmitted to the tax on a residence.

joint ownership of property

If the apartment was acquired by several owners until the end of 2013, when the first filing declarations issued a statement on the allocation of the deduction among all owners.In the same ratio of distributed payment of principal and interest.For transactions executed after 2014, such a statement is updated every year.

Fractional ownership

Making tax deduction on mortgage begins with the year when the rest of the compensation will be received at the principal amount.Previously, to address this issue is pointless.In the case of fractional ownership property deduction is distributed in the same ratio as specified in the certificate of ownership.

How to get a refund of the tax deduction on mortgage?

Compensation percent are calculated based on the actual amount paid.Therefore, each year you need to take a bank certificate in which the painted scheme of debt repayment.On the basis of this document, the declaration is made out of 3-PIT.

amount of compensation

For objects acquired by the end of 2013, the deduction can be issued for the full amount of expenses.For transactions entered into in 2014, subject to different rules.If the cost of interest for the entire period of the contract does not exceed 3 million rubles., Then get a tax deduction on the mortgage can be for the full amount.Otherwise, only the specified offset 300 thousand. Rub.If the loan amount exceeds the value of the apartment, refund interest will be calculated on the basis of the cost of buying in the total amount of the contract.Consequently, the maximum amount is 260 thousand. Rub.when buying property for their money, and when you make a mortgage - 786 700 rubles.

calculator tax deduction for mortgage

  • price - 1.7 million rubles.The amount of the deduction: 1.7 x 0.13 = 221 thousand. Rub.(only the body of the loan).
  • price - 4 million rubles.The amount of the basic compensation: 2 x 0.13 = 260 thousand. Rub.

remaining 200 thousand. Rub.not subject to deduction.The calculation takes only the amount spent on the purchase of apartments.The resulting figure is divided between dolevikami in a specific ratio.If carried out simultaneous transactions (buying and selling new apartment old), the money can be used for the payment of personal income tax from the sale of property.

Who can receive compensation

tax deduction for mortgage military - is an income tax refund.Therefore, compensation can only get the citizens of the Russian Federation, which receive official income and pay off his personal income tax rate of 13%.The same applies to non-residents that are at least 6 consecutive months a year working on the territory of the Russian Federation.If the property is issued to a minor child, the parents can get a deduction.Pensioners who have a source of income in the amount of 5534 rub. / Month.(excluding benefits), are also eligible to apply for the issue of compensation.Women who are on maternity leave, can get the money after returning to work.If the dwelling was purchased earlier, the documents can be issued separately on income before and after the holidays.If the current year's salary is not enough for the deduction, the money will not disappear.They are simply transferred to the next calendar period.This situation often occurs in people who are officially receive only the minimum wage, and the remaining amount - in an envelope.There are even situations where the mortgage is actually paid and the payment is not framed as a minimum income.How to get a deduction?

first option - to turn to the tax

From January 1 to April 30 period following the accumulation amounts at the place of permanent residence must submit the following documents:

  • passport (residence permit);
  • declaration;
  • certificate from the employer 2-PIT;
  • account details;
  • INN;
  • sales contract.

All papers are available in the original and certified copies.In place of the written application for deduction.Documents reviewed within 3 months.In rare cases, the tax could cause a person to clarify questions or additional information.If approved, within 30 days to the specified account receives the sum deduction laid.First, the body is subject to the payment of the loan and then interest.But the declaration of the first period to better specify the amount of the two, then to the employees of the tax does not raise questions.

statute of limitations on the documents as such, no.Even if the apartment was purchased five years ago, the money can be obtained from the accumulated income in the intervening period by submitting a preliminary declaration.If the mortgage has been issued in a foreign currency, the payment will still be paid in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank as of the date of payment.

tax may refuse to receive the payment if:

  • property is bought in the name of the employee by the employer money;
  • part of the cost was paid by means of the program "Young Family", the military mortgage maternity capital;in this case, the deduction can be issued only for the amount of their own money;
  • parties to the transaction - the interdependent persons: children;parents, grandchildren, spouses;
  • not provided all the documents.

The second option - the workplace

tax deduction when buying an apartment is registered as non-payment of personal income tax on wages.To use this scheme, you must obtain a certificate of inspection of the right to benefit and provide her employer with such documents:

  • certificate of registration of the property;
  • agreement of the transaction;
  • application for compensation;
  • receipt of the receipt of cash by the seller.

These documents are sent to the employer once every 12 months for compensation.If a person has changed several places of work, the new place of deduction can be issued only from the next calendar year.


In 2014, a person bought an apartment worth 7 million rubles., Of which 3 million rubles.It was paid for by a loan issued for 13 years.The amount of accrued interest - 1.5 million rubles.Income of natural persons for the same period amounted to 900 thousand. Rubles.

body of the loan exceeds the maximum amount which can be made deduction.Therefore, the calculations used by 2 million rubles.The amount of compensation will be:

2000 x 13% = 260 thousand. Rubles - to the loan;
1500 x 13% = 195 thousand. Rub.- With interest.

The amount of tax withheld: 900 x 13% = 117 thousand. Rub.

personal income tax paid on wages for a year, does not cover the deduction.Therefore, in 2015 people will receive 117 thousand. In the form of compensation.A residue (143 thousand. Rub.) Is transferred to the next period.

deductibility of interest on mortgages of $ 195 thousand. Rub.can be used for 13 years, that is, during the entire loan period.This compensation is available to the extent of actual payment of commission to the bank.Therefore, each year you need to take a package of documents, including a certificate, which is painted, how to repay the debt, and pass them to the tax.This example is suitable for the case of a single home ownership.If several owners or holds equity, the compensation is distributed among all the owners in a certain proportion.The provisions of the amount to the bank account, and then the money goes to pay the debt on the loan.In their hands they are not issued.Payment documents must be issued to the person who draws the deduction.

The bottom

property deduction allows Russians to compensate for the costs of the mortgage.The maximum amount of compensation was 786.7 thousand. Rub.But this money is not paid at hand.They come to the bank account and used to pay off the remaining debt.