What is the debt on the ID?

It often happens that people do not hurry to give loans to pay child support debts receipts or pay for the goods and services they have purchased before.Sometimes, to solve this problem can be quite simple and easy, but sometimes it is necessary to seek justice in court.And in this case it is possible to collect the debt on the so-called ID.

What is the debt on the ID?This payment of the loan, the receipt or payment of alimony, if necessary, even if the debtor does not know about it.It is issued under the executive document, which can be issued by a court.

What is a writ of execution?

This paper can only give the claimant the court.It is an official document by which the claimant without the knowledge of debt defaulter can deduct some funds from his account.In addition, the executive document gives the claimant the right to bring a claim in the court of the debtor.

Since this is an official document, it can be considered valid only if it is signed by the judge, and it has a special stamp with the coat of arms of the judicial authority.In the event of insolvency of the debtor's debts on the ID can be repaid with the help of his property.That is, the court has the right not only to arrest the property defaulter, but also to evaluate it and put up for sale.At the same time the claimant is given a choice: either to take into account the payment of the debts of some of the property, or take the money from its sale.

As debt is repaid ID?

Debt on Foreign allows it to repay periodically, usually once a month.This is quite convenient, as the payer does not need to remain aware of the term of payment, they will be repaid automatically.The most common term benefits are tied to a certain date, for example, to obtain salaries, scholarships and pensions.

What else you need to know about the payment of arrears of ID?

be understood that from day one, when the court issued an execution paper, begins the first period of the term of payment.If the payer fails to pay the required amount of money to the last working day of this first period, it would violate the rights of the claimant.In this case, it will be considered as a failure to pay the debt and may lead to serious consequences.

As a rule, pay the debt on the ID in case of alimony when the frequency is important.But it also happens that the lender agrees to receive portions of the debt, and the court may decide to issue a writ of execution to the claimant.

vzyskatelja: you win the trial of the debtor, what to do?

Even if you won a lawsuit and obtained enforcement documents, it does not mean that exactly the debtor will pay the debt.What to do in such a case, the claimant to obtain their legitimate money?

If the debt defaulter is less than 25 thousand rubles, while all official documents can be sent to the employer of the debtor.In the same case, if the amount of this much more, then you need to send documents executive bailiff residence defaulter.The documents need to be sure to make a statement signed by the claimer.Among the powers of the judicial police officer holds a special place the use of various sanctions, including a ban on travel to the country.

worth remembering that if the debt is paid from the salary, the claimant will receive the money within three working days after the decision date.Therefore, be prepared that you will get the money later.