Storm in the ocean.

More than half of the Earth's surface is covered by water.Without it, there can not be all living things.Yet this environment is dangerous and deadly.Scientists believe that the ocean is not well studied.

Storm in the ocean and the sea - quite beautiful, even dazzling spectacle.And at the same time is a dangerous weather phenomenon.

Storm in the ocean.What is this phenomenon?

crew of marine ships, trawlers and other vessels storm - always a great danger and stress.For passengers it doubly worse as the majority of them for the first time enter into the endless expanses of the stormy ocean.

all natural disasters of this kind (cyclones, typhoons, hurricanes) occur, usually when the warm waters of the tropics help to increase the intensity of storms in the ocean wet.In the process of increased storm front begins its rotation huge masses.Formed spiral, spin clockwise.This process is, in turn, wind.Their speed reaches 322 km / h.They contribute vzvihrivaniyu giant waves on the surface of the sea or ocean.And they have a huge force came down on the coast.

get to the storm in the ocean or the sea - a horrifying phenomenon.The height of the waves is from 5 to 17 meters.Visibility at the time practically zero, because the air is filled with a large number of fine droplets of water and foam.

With a deafening roar high waves descend to the surface of the ocean.In this regard, in place of the storm are people almost can not hear.

Classification storms

Class A strength of the storm of the famous Beaufort.

Sir Francis Beaufort (1774-1857 gg.) - English hydrographer and cartographer, military, Admiral.He is the author of a 12-point scale assessment of the wind speed (by the action of wind on the items on the ground and on the raging of the water in the sea or ocean).On the British Navy, this scale was adopted in 1838, and then recognized by sailors around the world.

When the wind speed in the range 20,8-24,4 m / s storm is assigned the value 9-Ball.This storm is considered to be weak.

Stronger wind speeds of up to 28.4 m / s is called strong, and given a 10-point value.

Photos storm in the ocean you can see below.

There are storm (11 points), when the air flow moving with greater speed (up to 32.6 m / s).Storm in the ocean (12 points) with winds of more than 32.6 m / s - the most dangerous natural phenomena - hurricane.

Pacific.Is it true that it is quiet?

most majestic and largest ocean of the planet does not correspond to its title character.The name "Quiet" he had received from Ferdinand Magellan, who was wrong about the tranquility of the ocean.Just his luck.No storm in the Pacific Ocean was not at the time when he traveled on it.

Pacific Ocean occupies about half of the water surface of the planet (46%).If conditionally to unite the entire surface of the land, its area is also less than the water surface of the great Pacific Ocean.

restless ocean due to the fact that it is here that often occur strong volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.Because of this, the ocean forms a huge tsunami.The average rate of giant waves can reach 750 km / h.

consequences of the storm in the ocean

Storm in the ocean - one of the most severe threats to the life of people living on the coast.A community living in the tropics, are faced with more severe natural disasters.

consequences of almost all the storms in the ocean and the accompanying heavy rains unbelievably horrible.Due to global warming on Earth storms will occur more frequently and be more catastrophic.

to the Caribbean annually cyclonic storm in the ocean (the hurricane "Alley") rages in the summer and autumn.It is difficult for poor people of these islands to resist such a powerful hurricane.

In 2003, the wind speed at cyclone "Zoe" has reached 285 km / h.This hurricane destroyed almost all of the island Anuti.

Signs approaching storm

very first symptoms appear in the sky.The sky turns bright red at sunrise or sunset.It is moving ahead of the coming cyclone light clouds, painted sun.

Gradually, the sky is a bright copper-red, and on the horizon in the distance there is a dark stripe.There comes an ominous silence (the wind calms down).The air becomes hotter and stuffy.Birds fly in flocks inland.

Oddly enough, the most terrible storms have female names.For example, the hurricane "Katrina" - the most terrible destructive hurricane in the history of the United States of storms.In August 2005, it caused enormous damage to New Orleans in Louisiana.After him, the water was almost 80% of the city.The disaster claimed the lives of 1836, and the damage to the economy amounted to 125 billion dollars.