Ichthyologist - who is it?

In the world there are many different professions, imbued with romanticism and served as the theme for a huge number of films and documentaries.Among these activities - ichthyology, which have served to popularize naturalistic Cousteau tape and create a romantic image - horror movies like "Jaws" or "shark attacks".

But the real work of a man who specializes in rybovedenii, has little in common with that magnificent panoramas of underwater filming Cousteau, that horror frightening events.So let us once and for all decide two questions: ichthyologist - who he is and what is included in the scope of his professional interests.

name of the profession and what it means

Ever since the popularity of the art Belyaeva, in particular the novel "Amphibian Man" with the main character named Ichthyander, well-read people of that era will recall that the word "ichthys" means fish.Logically simple to calculate the most accurate interpretation of the name of the profession will be the "ryboved", "ryboznavets."We can say that in the specialty designation accurately reflects the knowledge and skills that should be inherent to man, who decided to choose it as the main activity.

range of interests ichthyologist

In order to be called so, not enough to know the names of individual fish.Rybovedenie includes the study of the structure of aquatic life, their development in the course of evolution, habitat, more peculiar to a particular type - and it's only a small part of what needs to know ichthyologist.Who investigates the better ryboveda?

And that's not all knowledge, which require him to work.Ichthyologist, fish farmer has to accurately represent the characteristics of life itself all kinds of fish and river (marine) organisms in the controlled territory.For it should not be secrets specifics reproduction of aquatic organisms.After all, in order and there is a profession "ichthyologist".Who is found in the waters entrusted to him - he must know exactly, to take account of all the details and ensure the normal existence of all organisms in the pond.

expected performance

All this knowledge are essential to the future ryboznavtsu, it is their profession requires "ichthyologist".What does this particular specialist profile?

First of all such information will be needed to regulate fishing - both on a national scale, and in terms of private fishing.Agree, it is one thing to catch a couple of tons of salmon where its hundreds, and even thousands, and another - in the small pond where the fish rest before the final dash to nerestovischu.

rybovedeniya next challenge - the calculation of fishery management not to overextend superfluous "population" reservoir and bring it to exhaustion, which threatens the local ecological disaster.That's what you need all that studying ichthyologist.

Finally, almost the most important task is to control the passage of spawning fish through hydro.This is a very complex problem, the solution of which necessarily need ichthyologist.Who should regulate and check the availability of fish stocks for the locks and canals on the way to the spawning grounds is not an expert on fish farming?

Destinations ichthyology

Most professions require theoretical and practical areas of their application.Ichthyology this differs from the other sciences.You can select a theoretical orientation, but it does not save you from the practice, if not deal exclusively with the analysis of data obtained by other "theorists", or choose their path of purely laboratory area.Even scientists are closely related to the subject being studied - a vivid example of this is still the same, Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

The main difference between "practice" and "theorists" that first tied to any accountable territory (and be sure to still conduct some research work, a minimum follow-up), and the second go where they sent and gaining diverse scientificmaterial in its direction.

requirements for becoming ichthyologists

field conditions determine the specific requirements for the profession "ichthyologist".Who is this restriction does not accept, he will not become rybovedom.The list of mandatory requirements include:

  • physical training - above average, without a quality sports training in this profession has nothing to do;
  • health - excellent;
  • ability to "find common ground" with how whatever living creature;
  • patience;
  • observation;
  • endurance;
  • nebrezglivost.

It is in connection with possible heavy physical exertion and not very favorable as the living conditions and circumstances of residence preferences specialty "Ichthyology" is given to all the same men.No offense - sailors and fishermen originally Yet they became.

But the basic requirement that all teachers are guided behind the scenes with regard to applicants wishing to surpass the great ichthyologists, is love (or at least a sincere interest) to all water inhabitants.Without this education, of course, you can get, but the profession - is doubtful.

prospects in getting a job

in this life when choosing a career is a decisive factor in the real possibility of subsequent employment.And in this respect there is comforting: The regulation of the number of fish - not everything that makes an ichthyologist.Even in the cities, he can find a job (which does not exclude trips to water).Rybovedy needed in the design of dams, power stations and gateways.At the same time it would be nice to get hold of the knowledge of the related field - an understanding of what effect constructed structures on the sponsored pond really facilitate the immediate task.

as good work you can choose your scope of delivery - the fish must be accompanied by an ichthyologist, overseeing compliance with the rules of transportation.Travel is not canceled, but for a long time cut off from family, you will not.

If prospective fish farmer living in the vicinity of a fishing lake, he was met with open arms.And next to the sea-ocean fishing vessels will not abandon specialist.The specialist, who lives close to the fish processing plant will also find a place.

And if it turned out that life is inextricably linked to a major city, it is necessary to look at an aquarium, dolphinarium or aquarium - the knowledge gained during the training, there will clearly not redundant.

So, if a young member of the emerging society wants to be an ichthyologist, parents should not become across the road - a trade perspective, and if it has a tendency, it is also harmonious.