What disulfiramopodobnye reaction?

Under normal conditions, the penetration into the body quickly decomposed into alcohol metabolites (non-toxic products of metabolism).However, on the basis of reception of a number of drugs appear violations in the process of decay.The rate of chemical.the reaction will depend on the dosage of the drug and the amount of alcohol.To medicines, provoking disturbances, should be attributed primarily antibiotics.The consumption of alcohol on the basis of treatment there are serious consequences.These include disulfiramopodobnye reaction.With the development of these effects in patients appear, along with other symptoms, aversion to alcohol-based products.

Drugs provoking reactions disulfiramopodobnye

means "Trichopolum" has antibacterial and antiprotozoal activity.When combined with alcohol medication causes severe the patient's condition under which appear disulfiramopodobnye reaction.These properties allow the use of medicines to treat chronic alcoholics.Quite often, such a drug is appointed as "Amoxicillin".This medication can cause breathing difficulties, and alcohol can inhibit the activity of the respiratory center of the brain.In this regard, the combination of funds "Amoxicillin" and alcohol increases the likelihood of death in persons who are intoxicated.There are medications that are assigned specifically to cause disulfiramopodobnye reaction.It drugs such as "Esperal" "Antabuse" and others.At their reception is the destruction of a particular enzyme.The name is derived from the reaction of the drug "Disulfiram".This medicine is also, along with other similar means, is used to treat alcoholism in the chronic form.The condition develops when reception called disulfiram-alcohol, if side effects caused by other medicines - disulfiramopodobnyh.

Causes of side effects

development status in the body is caused by the accumulation of decay products of ethanol - acetaldehyde.This compound has high toxicity.Under normal conditions, the substance is neutralized by a number of enzymes (aldehyde dehydrogenase, and others).Some agents may inhibit the activity of these elements.As a result, there is an accumulation of acetaldehyde in the body, which is accompanied by a number of characteristic symptoms.At the same medications block the action of several enzymes more.This, in turn, provoke lowering of norepinephrine in the nervous system and its relationship to dopamine.The resulting reaction disulfiramopodobnye enhanced even more.Experts note that this state has enough continuous nature.Therefore, doctors recommend not drinking alcohol after completion of therapy for a certain length of time.It should be noted that the side effects of alcohol use during treatment appear quite intensively, developing aversion to alcohol.

Symptoms disulfiramopodobnyh reactions

With the development of side effects in the patient a feeling of heat and redness in the upper part of the body and in the face.In addition, reduced pressure, difficult breathing, increased heart rate.Patients occur chest tightness, fear.State accompanied by thoughts of impending death, nausea, retching.The risk of disorders of the nervous system.With increasing amounts of alcohol increases the intensity and severity of disulfiramopodobnyh reactions.In some cases, it may develop collapse - a sharp decrease in pressure with loss of consciousness.

therapy of patients with chronic alcoholism

history of drug use "Disulfiram" to eliminate the dependence on alcohol began with an interesting observation.At one of the factories producing rubber markedly decreased alcohol workers.During the study, it was found that the cause is a substance disulfiram which just applied during the manufacture of rubber products.This discovery led to the fact that the compound began to be used for therapeutic purposes.Later experts noted that disulfiramopodobnye reaction provokes a number of medicines.Some drugs were specifically designate chronic alcoholics.For example, doctors often prescribe it means "Trichopolum."This drug is part of a comprehensive treatment of some doctors prescribe today.It is recommended to drink courses of 250 mg 2 p. / Day.The therapy is carried out twice a year.In some cases, medication is prescribed and for a longer period - up to several months.

Cautions when taking certain medications

people who are not suffering from alcohol dependence, doctors do not recommend to combine extremely taking any medication with alcohol.Especially important to observe caution when receiving antibiotic therapy.It should be remembered that the combined use of drugs and ethanol, in addition to the development of disulfiramopodobnyh reactions, increases the risk of alcoholic liver disease, a complex infringement of its most important functions (filtration and detoxification).Furthermore, it increases the intensity of the side effects that provoke antibiotics, drugs acting on the nervous system and other preparations.The toxic metabolites, which are formed by a combination of drugs and alcohol can change the action taken by the funds.This in turn leads to very serious consequences in some cases, bringing to death.

Precautions for therapy, depending on the use of alcohol

For people dependent on alcohol, developed various formulations, helps get rid of this addiction.

Experts remind that taking any medication should be agreed with your physician.Not all alcoholics voluntarily agree to treatment.Such patients should be given first psychological assistance.A person suffering from alcoholism should be made aware of the treatment.In no event should not be without his knowledge to give any drugs that cause aversion to alcohol!This "treatment" may not only be ineffective but also cause serious, sometimes dangerous consequences.