How to determine the nature of color preferences?

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appears on the color preferences of the person can define his character.It is enough to know what colors you like and can judge the mind, mental state, and even your health.


People who prefer white color, very dreamy, they have well-developed intuition and psychic abilities.White - a symbol of peace and tranquility.Most often, supporters of color deeply religious, religious, sincere.In addition, they tend to go to extremes, from the immense sympathy to the complete detachment from everything and dive in yourself.


It is the color of the leader.Everyone who loves red, people are persistent, categorical, not postpone the case until later, are sometimes stubborn, demonstrative, selfish and intolerant.Choose red passionate nature, who love life and all the ways to achieve your goals.They practically no fear, love different extreme.But the character of these persons have a contradictory, they can be gentle and harsh dictators.


Orange embodies the joy and pleasure.Lovers of this color are born optimists, vitality and creativity of the individual.But sometimes there are very high opinion of himself.According to psychologists, a person who lacks this color really does not get satisfaction from life.


yellow helps focus attention, it is a creative color.It is chosen by opinionated and funny people who love to gossip or chat.Lovers of yellow sometimes scattered, critical of myself, but at the same time have a high self-esteem.


This is the most neutral, calming color.People who choose it are different serious approach to any problem life, willing to assist others.They have a rich inner world, but it is not open to everyone.

Blue color

Blue - the color of confidence.It is preferred by air, light nature, they are able to smooth out conflicts, to establish peace and friendship in the team.


is a symbol of integrity and fairness and reliability.The choice of color indicates the need for change and spiritual enlightenment.His often choose self-sufficient and self-confident people.


This color is able to increase self-esteem, encourage to overcome difficulties.Purple love people who are very rational, are prone to depression and strongly dependent on other people's opinions.This color helps to quickly implement in life and succeed.


Those who are indifferent to gray - the intellectuals, who are rare.They do not go to extremes and do not divide the world into black and white.That business people are quite reliable and friendly.For such people in the first place is always the mind, not the emotions, they always look at the essence of things.


color, which is fraught with mystery conceals something interesting or frightening.Therefore, people who prefer black, want to intrigue surrounding its mystery.Often, it is authoritative and weighty people.If too many black colors in clothing and interior, so their boss is missing in my life something significant.

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