Vertical milling machine, its structure and purpose

For now quite common use in various branches of engineering of complex configuration - forming surfaces of dies, molds, gears, cams and many others.The main methods of making such complex profile products are the following: molding, stamping and cutting.But machining allows for milling parameters of the surface close to given that significantly reduces the time finish debugging.

often vertical milling machine serves as an optimal and even the only possible treatment equipment flat products of complex configuration.This is especially true in the current transition of most engineering enterprises to small-scale production.

technological process in which the vertical milling machine is the basic unit for the manufacture of parts of complex profile, in this aspect, is also the most cost-justified.This avoids unnecessary costs and energy production facilities.Nowadays, even a steady trend towards the universalization of all industrial production.

typical process technology surface treatment of complex configuration consists of the following steps: harvesting, milling and honing.The latter is usually performed manually, which makes it extremely labor-intensive.Therefore, high grade surface finish, which allows for a vertical milling machine, greatly facilitates reworking and improves the quality of the product.Thus, the unit minimizes material costs, which is extremely important in a market economy.

vertical milling machine designed for various, mainly metalworking operations end, cylindrical, shaped, angular Gang and other tools (cutters).On such machines produce processing various planes, grooves of any section, gears, models of stamps, frames, corners, and other parts of the non-ferrous metals and their alloys, various grades of steel and cast iron.

vertical milling machine is characterized by a vertical spindle, which in many models is able to shift along the axis, and rotated in a horizontal plane, which significantly expands the technological capabilities of the unit.The spindle head is located in the upper part of the frame, which is also located and gearbox.The main workers' movement of the machine is a rotating spindle.

The basic structural nodes vertical milling machine are: gearbox, frame, slide, console, spindle and dividing heads.The latter is a very important element, as it is it turns the workpiece to the desired angle for processing.In addition, the dividing head allows continuous rotation of the workpiece during milling helical grooves.

Now the industry is increasingly used vertical milling machine.A distinctive feature of this modern equipment is that all kinds of innings in which control signals are recorded on magnetic tape.Emerging special windings in the coils, these signals are then passed through the traction motors for driving the feed screw machine.Such control ensures high precision machining.