How to make a construction company logo?

In this article we will talk about the corporate style, we give advice from famous designers for the development of identity and show the logos of construction companies in the pictures.We also look at what is the feature to begin the development and the formation of a unique, individual visual image of the organization.In other words, what should be the logo of a construction company, and how is it different from other logos for other spheres of activity?Let's try to find answers to these questions.

properly developed corporate identity immediately gives us an idea about the essence of the presented activities of the company or organization, nature and characteristics of its activities.In the case where the construction company designed the logo, we must arise a feeling of strength and stability.Therefore, you should pay attention to the following rules:

  1. use the signs and symbols that are associated with stability and durability.
  2. construction company logo should not be overloaded with all kinds of instruments.
  3. font is better to choose the most clean and readable.
  4. himself logo should be simple and memorable to the consumer.
  5. logo should reflect the goals of the organization and its marketing objectives.
  6. By design the logo of the construction company should be moderately interesting and unusual to attract and hold the attention of potential customers.

As for color, it is recommended to use a blue, yellow, dark shades of orange and red as well as black tone stretching.These are the colors most often used in this area: from the working uniforms, corporate site and ending coloring of construction equipment and technology.Do not neglect this aspect.After all, color plays a very important role when developing a construction company logo.Therefore, if you are not following their corporate of color, it is best to leave the choice to the above colors.

designers to develop a corporate style building organization, should take into account such features:

1. Visibility.Logo of the construction company - is not just a pretty picture on the business card, letterhead or work uniforms.The visual character should convey information about the services and the level of the company, its quality and style of work.It should inspire confidence in potential customers.

2. Trust.Use all methods of graphic design to subliminally evoke the feeling of the consumer, such as: shape, close to the square, shades of blue, and so on. D.

3. Uniqueness.Competition in this area is very high.At this point you can see a variety of logos of companies (photo attached) of the construction industry.Therefore, the task of the designer - the visual highlight of all the company is entrusted to him by the skilful manipulation of color, shape, different types of fonts and other means of graphic design.

These are the basics you need to know, developing construction company logo.