Top 5 weirdest Hollywood diets

insulting law acting in the world of modern women: the more rich and famous they are, the less they can afford to eat.It just so happened that the curvy shapes were in a different era, and been replaced by a sports smart, easy step, and at times anorexic thinness.To be in good shape, we have to go to the various measures.Introducing the most bizarre ways of the people resorted to celebrity to be slim.

German top model Heidi Klum came up with a universal way, how to get an aesthetic pleasure and at the same time resist the desire to eat something delicious.The famous fashion model at critical moments for your stomach is engaged in that scrutinizes their own photographs, and made in the nude.According to Klum, so she not only sees a beautiful woman, but also to remind myself that she eat an extra helping of peanuts, this woman will be just the image.

Infamous porn model Katie Price, also called Jordan, sat down on the juice diet, and the courage of the girl can only envy, because its diet consists mainly of juice mixed with avocado, pineapple, spinach and celery.It is difficult to imagine how it is possible to drink, with twice per day.However, there are good moments: such a harsh method really works.At least Katie Price instantly returned his seductive shape after the birth of her third child.

But popular British singer Lily Allen is using "techniques of liberation from emotion" in conjunction with acupuncture, which is done in those areas of her body that are most prone to adding extra centimeters to.Receiving thus, psychological and physical assistance, the singer struggles with unwanted pounds that come so easily, is Lily to eat too much.

It would seem that busy schedule Beyonce do not need any diet, but the American star does not allow himself to relax, strictly adhering to the diet, based on maple syrup.Efficiencies mixture of maple syrup, cayenne pepper, lemon water and she discovered in 2006 and immediately began to advise it to all the girls who dream to achieve a slim figure in a short time.All this invigorating blend is absorbed within two weeks and replace the rest of the food.I confess frankly to sustain such a diet is not easy, but after the expiration of the results of just such a diet, what we can see on the slim figure of the singer Beyonce Knowles.

Whatever countries were not mentioned diet, nothing compares to the way in which resets kilograms actress Elizabeth Hurley.Instead of using the usual set, she took the children to have a fashion plates children's cutlery.So Liz creates for himself the impression that eats a lot, when in fact its portions are smaller than it would be eaten using a plate of standard size.

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