The most powerful bomb in the world.

No force in the world more destructive than an atomic bomb blast or vacuum.Various research and development has led to what has been created by weapons of mass destruction, destructive force which in the explosion no one stopped.What is the most powerful bomb in the world?To answer this question, we need to understand the peculiarities of various bombs.

What bomb?

Nuclear power plants operate on the principle of release of nuclear energy and snare.This process is necessarily controlled.The released energy is converted into electricity.The atomic bomb leads to the fact that the chain reaction occurs, which is completely uncontrollable, and a huge amount of energy released causes terrible destruction.Uranium and plutonium - are not so harmless elements of the periodic table, they lead to a global catastrophe.

atomic bomb

To understand how the most powerful nuclear bomb on the planet, know more about everything.Hydrogen and atomic bombs are nuclear power.If you combine two pieces of uranium

, but each will have a lot less critical, this "union" far exceeds critical mass.Everyone involved in the neutron chain reaction, because the core splits and releases 2-3 neutrons that cause new decay reaction.

Neutron force completely beyond the control of man.Less than a second to hundreds of billions of newly decays not only release a huge amount of energy, but also become a source of strong radiation.This radioactive rain covers a thick layer of earth, fields, plants and all living things.If we talk about disasters at Hiroshima, we can see that 1 gram of explosive has caused the death of 200 thousand people.

Principle of operation and advantages of the vacuum bomb

believed that vacuum bombs, created by the newest technologies can compete with nuclear.The fact that there is used instead of TNT gas substance which is more powerful in the several tens of times.Aerial bombs increased power - the most powerful vacuum bomb in the world that does not apply to nuclear weapons.It can destroy the enemy, but does not suffer at home and technology, and decay products will not.

How does it work?Immediately after dropping from bomber triggered detonator at some distance from the ground.The body breaks down and sprayed a huge cloud.When mixed with oxygen, it begins to penetrate anywhere - at home, bins, shelters.Burnout oxygen forms a vacuum everywhere.By dropping the bomb turns supersonic wave and formed a very high temperature.

difference vacuum bomb from the Russian American

The difference is that the latter can destroy the enemy, who is even in the bunker, with the appropriate warheads.During the explosion, the warhead falls and hits hard on the ground, burying at a depth of 30 meters.After the explosion, a cloud is formed, which is increasing in size, can penetrate into the shelter and already there to explode.The American warheads are filled with ordinary TNT, so destroying the building.Vacuum Bomb destroys a specific object, because it has a smaller radius.No matter what a bomb is the most powerful - any one of them causes incomparable with anything devastating blow, hitting all life.

hydrogen bomb hydrogen bomb - another terrible nuclear weapons.The compound of uranium and plutonium generates not only energy, but also the temperature, which rises to a million degrees.The isotopes of hydrogen are joined in a helium nucleus, creating a source of tremendous energy.The hydrogen bomb is the most powerful - is an indisputable fact.One need only imagine what a blast it is 3000 explosions of atomic bombs in Hiroshima.In both the US and the former Soviet Union can count 40 thousand bombs of various power - nuclear and hydrogen.

explosion of the ammunition is comparable to the process that occurs in the sun and stars.Fast neutrons with great speed digested uranium shell of the bomb.It provided not only warmth, but the fallout.There are up to 200 isotopes.Production of such nuclear weapons are cheaper than nuclear, but its effect can be enhanced in any number of times.This is the most powerful bomb exploded that experienced in the Soviet Union August 12, 1953.

consequences of the explosion

result of the explosion of a hydrogen bomb is a triple character.The first thing that happens - there is a powerful blast.Its capacity depends on the height of the explosion carried out and the type of terrain, as well as the transparency of the air.Can form large fire storms, which do not settle down for several hours.Still, the secondary and the most dangerous consequences that can cause the most powerful thermonuclear bomb - a radioactive radiation and contamination of the surrounding area for a long time.

radioactive debris after the explosion of a hydrogen bomb

The explosion fireball contains many very small radioactive particles that linger in the atmospheric layer of the Earth and stay there for a long time.In contact with the ground that creates a fireball burning dust consisting of particles decay.Please settle large, then more light, which is carried by wind for hundreds of kilometers.These particles can be seen with the naked eye, for example, such dust can be seen on the snow.It is fatal if anyone would be nearby.The smallest particles can be many years in the atmosphere, and so "travel", repeatedly circling the entire planet.Their radioactivity becomes weaker to the point where they will fall as rain.

In the event of a nuclear war with the hydrogen bomb contaminated particles will lead to the destruction of life in a radius of hundreds of kilometers from the epicenter.If it is used superbomb then dirty area of ​​several thousand kilometers, which would make the land completely uninhabitable.It turns out that man-the most powerful bomb in the world capable of destroying entire continents.

thermonuclear bomb "gruel."Create

bomb AN 602 has received several names - "Tsar Bomba" and "gruel."It was developed in the Soviet Union in 1954-1961, respectively.There has been the most powerful bomb of all time mankind.Work on its creation was held for several years in the laboratory specifically classified under the title "Arzamas-16".The hydrogen bomb capacity of 100 megatons exceeds 10 thousand times the power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

an exposure is able to erase in seconds Moscow to the ground.City center easily be evaporated in the literal sense of the word, and everything else would become the smallest rubble.The most powerful bomb in the world would be erased and New York with all the skyscrapers.He left to dvadtsatikilometrovaya melted smooth crater.With such an explosion could not be saved, going down into the subway.The whole area within a radius of 700 kilometers would get caught and the destruction of radioactive particles.

explosion "Tsar-bomb" - to be or not to be?

summer of 1961, the scientists decided to test and observe the explosion.The most powerful bomb in the world was to explode at the site, located in the far north of Russia.A huge area of ​​the landfill occupies the entire island of Novaya Zemlya.The scale of destruction was of 1,000 kilometers.The explosion could remain contaminated industrial centers such as Vorkuta, Norilsk and Dudinka.Scientists comprehended the scale of the disaster, took her head and realized that the test is canceled.

Designated testing the famous and incredibly powerful bomb was not anywhere on the planet, there was only Antarctica.But the icy continent, too, failed to carry out an explosion, as the area is considered to be international and obtain permission for these tests is simply unrealistic.It was necessary to reduce the charge of the bomb 2 times.The bomb blew up after all 30 October 1961 in the same place - on the island of Novaya Zemlya (at about 4 kilometers).With the explosion there was a monstrous huge mushroom cloud that rose up to 67 kilometers, and the shock wave circled the planet three times.By the way, at the Museum "Arzamas-16", in the city of Sarov, it is possible to tour to see newsreels of the explosion, but argue that it is not a sight for the faint hearted.