Comets - a cosmic body.

Comet - are small irregularly shaped objects which consist of a mixture of frozen gases and non-volatile components.They usually follow the solar orbits that are significantly extended.Many of them are visible, and can even see the real through an ordinary telescope.In particular, they are clearly visible, as are at a close distance to the sun: then they become much brighter.

Comets - a celestial body consisting of a core and a bright tail, which is the accumulation of cosmic dust and gas.In fact, the tail and causes indescribable delight of many observers.So, now we should talk more about their education.

must start with another definition.Comets - a body so cold that you can see only one reason.The tail does not actually emit light, and reflects the sun.Comets - permanent celestial bodies in the solar system, which are directly connected with luminaries gravity.And there are whole of thousands and even millions.It is believed that these "creation" were formed from the material from which the solar system was formed, but it is only debris that remained after the formation of other planets, if so, of course, you might say.Although, of course, is not the only mystery these celestial bodies.Many interesting facts about comets known to scientists.

But recent data say that some of the comets of the solar gravity pull from different star systems at an early stage, when formed our solar system.And the fact that they consist of constant and original material makes them very interesting for the study and observation of the object.After all, it allows you to find out what the conditions were at an early stage of formation of the solar system.Comets - these are the real keepers of time.

It should be noted that the comet is very small when compared with the planets.The average diameter ranging from 750 m to 20 km.In recent years, scientists and astronomers have discovered comets, which are much further away from us, and have, perhaps, greater than 300 kilometers, but even these sizes are small, if you compare them to various planets.The latter have a spherical shape and slightly convex.Completely different appearance of the comet.Photography show that they have an irregular shape.According to scientific research, astronomers have concluded that comets are very fragile.

Comets must, of course, obey the laws of motion, in the same way as other objects.Of course there are some differences.Around the Sun, there are many orbits.Those who belong to the planets - rounded, and the orbits of comets - elongated.Distant from the light point is not far away from Jupiter, and the closest - the Earth.For example, Halley's comet completely different location.Its aphelion is located beyond the orbit of Neptune.Some comets come from distant places of our vast solar system, and to make one revolution around the sun they need hundreds of thousands of years.