Renovation - what's that?

Renovation - a process designed to improve the structure of something.Translated from the Latin word meaning "repair", "update", "renewal".

Renovation of the industrial enterprises

a result of economic activities of any organization is a process of moral and physical wear it owns machinery and equipment, as well as structures and buildings.

to restore functionality assets held to replace them more perfect, ie renovation.This allows to increase labor productivity, which in turn makes it possible to produce more products.

Way of the process

Replacement of retiring assets can be accomplished in one of three ways:

1. Write-off of certain funds intended for production.However, they are replaced by new and more productive.

2. As a result of the reconstruction of the individual units and entire enterprises.During this process, a certain proportion of worn-out fixed assets to be replaced by more modern.

3. The renovation program is often carried out with the liquidation of the old enterprises, when their territory construction of new production facilities and sites.

Renovation shipbuilding

wear and tear of many assets is observed in the Company.Many companies have a court whose age is close to the limit.For them, the renovation - is virtually the only method that allows you to extend the life.Otherwise, the court will simply be scrapped.And that many companies can not afford, as a major share of the profits lose, because it workaholic veteran ply the water surface between the Far East and countries in the Asia-Pacific region.A large number of cargo transport such ships and on the rivers flowing into Russia and neighboring countries.

Update fleet, using the method of replacement of old with new fixed assets, can not every company.This process is lengthy and costly.It therefore carried out the renovation of vessels.It allows you to rejuvenate the old funds for ten or fifteen years.At the same time, the company will be more time to carry out renewal of the fleet, will not be lost transportation market, where there is fierce competition.

Renovation - a process that will allow the company to increase the prestige of the vessel.This may be revised upwards tariff levels, and received the most favorable conditions from insurance companies.In addition, after you upgrade the vessel will significantly reduce the cost of its maintenance.In the end, it will extend the life of distinguished veterans of river and sea spaces.

renovation produced in the cargo hold of the ship's hull, you can implement a sectional method.This will perform during navigation, a greater percentage of jobs.A vessel of this operation is output.

Renovation housing

This question is very relevant for the whole country, because it plays a role in the creation of more high-quality environment for living population.

and renovation in this area - is the process of restoration or replacement of one or physically obsolete facilities to other, newer.

Housing Fund may be subject to capital repair or modernization, restoration or reconstruction.The buildings can be demolished and in their place erected new facilities.These actions relate to the various methods of renovation.Which of them should be applied in each case?It depends not only on the characteristics of a residential building, but also on ways to further exploitation.

initial stage

Before carrying out any work must be drawn up an investment project.This document defines a core set of necessary action.This will include expert, design, construction, and other activities that focus on the task of renovation of home and addressing social and economic issues for the effective operation of the facility.

State participation in the process of renovation of housing the important role played by municipal and regional authorities.However, their participation can be implemented in two forms - financial and non-financial.Each of them carries out its important function.

essence of the financial participation of the state is:

- grants that can be spent either on improving living conditions, or to compensation for a certain percentage of the cost of repair and maintenance of apartments and houses;

- the financing of the housing program;

- maintenance and organization of housing loans;

- providing tax benefits to individuals;

- investments designed to improve the structure of the housing complex.

With the participation of the non-financial public authorities use a wide range of instruments on the scope of the technical, regulatory and urban management.In this case, the main objects to perform this function are not only the renovation projects, which may be provided for new construction, major repairs or reconstruction, and renovation of the subjects (renters, homeowners, manufacturers and credit institutions).

Territorial renovation

in certain areas can be carried out the demolition of existing structures and buildings and removal of networks and utilities from the ground.This is the renovation of the territories.Its primary purpose is to release land for new construction.The degree of preservation located in the territory of buildings does not matter.

There is a conventional division into two types of renovation.The release of land for new construction can be positive or evolutionary.

What is the renovation of the first type?It is a formal decision on the demolition of the existing building object.Evolutionary renovation, on the other hand, flows naturally as a result of certain errors, the consequences of which are beyond the control and management.

Implementation of large-scale project in Russia

implemented an ambitious program that includes works that allow to rebuild entire neighborhoods.Renovation of vast territories in St. Petersburg by the Organization, which was created specifically for this project.It OOO "SPb-renovation."

between the company and the city authorities signed a corresponding agreement.According to him, until 2019 in St. Petersburg will be done renovation "Khrushchev".Construction company carries out the demolition of more than a thousand houses in the nine districts of the northern capital.In their place will be built almost eight million square meters.meters of new apartments.

Today in the houses to be renovated, written one hundred and fifty thousand people.After work the number of tenants is expected to increase three-fold.New homes planned to build the highest quality.This will be used by the most advanced technology of today.

According to the draft new quarters must be equipped with individual boilers, and all apartments developed on the installation of meters served energy.The houses being planned heating the incoming cold air from the street.This function is assigned to a modern ventilation.The entrances will superlifty to be self-charging during descent.The window openings accommodate wooden double-glazed windows, etc.

Thermal renovation

bulk of the housing stock in Russia and the former Soviet republics was built before 1980. In this period, we conducted a large-scale program of large-panel construction.This rapidly growing number of commissioned square meters, but issues relating to thermal insulation of buildings, solved only by traditional means for those times.

should say that the heat loss in older homes up to eighty percent.This leads to an increase in utility payments, and increase the use of all types of fuel resources.

If others carried out the renovation of residential buildings is the replacement of technical equipment, repair of domestic and heating mains, then these buildings developed a set of measures on warming facades.It includes works that improve the mechanical, physical, aesthetic, and other performance characteristics of the building.All these measures are aimed at improving the energy efficiency of housing.

renovation works of the building include updating the structural elements, interior and exterior insulation of facades, partitions, etc.This significantly increases the quality of the existing housing stock.