How to deal with collectors.

Financial liabilities - a complex system of interactions between the creditor and the debtor.Unfortunately, many when borrow money, do not fully understand what the consequences may occur in the event of default and delinquency.But even if such a situation occurred, do not despair and panic.Crush on you require to pay fines and penalties.As a rule, such actions carried out specialized organizations.How to deal with collectors correctly and defend their legitimate rights?We will try to explore all the nuances.

General aspects

Outstanding loans and penalties, failure to pay overdue - certainly much familiar with this situation.Banks pass your debt collectors, and begins the real "persecution."You call, write and lurk in the most unexpected places.Man falls into the trap and did not know how to act.Very often, this pressure is very effective, and the borrower is paying not only credit, but also fabulous fines.The fact is that many people do not know their legal rights and so do not know how to deal with collectors.A "extortionists" this situation are great.But there is a solution!It is necessary to know the law, and then the dialogue will be much easier and more productive.

law to help you

aware that the activities of such organizations is strictly regulated by laws that protect our rights and freedoms.Therefore, nobody has the right to violate them!Main threats used by collectors:

  • Article 177 of the Criminal Code "Malicious evasion from payment of accounts payable."Remember, these threats - it is an absolute bluff on the part of the collector!Precedents attraction on this article in our country can not count more than a dozen.
  • Article 159 "Fraud".The argument most often.Remember, if you have paid at least once, even a minimum amount of liabilities, the "letter" of the law does not apply to you.There is no intention, and you will not be brought to criminal responsibility.

Often the collectors do not know the laws, but as soon as they see a competent debtor, their arrogance and aggressiveness are simply lost.

psychological pressure

Practice shows that the collector organizations are quite narrow right.This commercial firms that may only induce a person to pay a debt.More powers they have, of course, if the matter is in court and it has not been sentenced, they transmit the executive service.So that they can be terrible in a conversation.How to communicate with the collectors on the telephone?First of all you know, they want to intimidate you to maximize and bring to the emotions.And it is in this state, people panic and ready to fulfill any requirement.

Try to stay cool and calm, do not shout, swear, insult people.And if the threat comes in your address, please be sure that you have this fact recorded, and they will have to communicate the police.It is desirable to record such calls for further submission to the law enforcement agencies.It is not necessary to respond to the attacks about your bad faith, ignore such comments and asked to name the grounds on which you dare to bully and insult.

gather information necessary to be ready to dialogue with the extortionists.Yes, that's right, because without a court order and the writ of execution, they are engaged in illegal activities.How to talk to collectors on the phone right?Remember a few important points:

  • asked to present and record the information.
  • specify which office you are worried about (name, contact details).
  • Which bank has transferred your debt, even to clarify the notice of the contract (document number, date of signing, the amount of claims).
  • Demand a copy of the contract on the assignment of your debt.

If you have refused to provide such information, feel free to hang up.It will be useful to put the machine to caller to record all calls and their time.Be sure to tell the collector that you are prepared to complain to the police about illegal actions on their part.

algorithm communication

How to talk to collectors on the telephone, so that they understand your intentions?Firstly, do not be afraid and make excuses.Do not let yourself to insult, threaten your family or relatives.These actions are classified as hooliganism and extortion.Once calls have become annoying, try to explain to the collector that you intend to solve this problem.

If the situation does not change, and you constantly worried, contact the police a statement about the persecution and threats.In no case do not communicate with them after 23 hours or early in the morning to 7, otherwise such calls will become permanent.If you feel that you openly provoke aggression, hang up.Upon learning that the dishonest citizens threatened to close immediately proclaim the police.If the calls started to work, it is the disclosure of your personal information.Here you have the right to file an action against them for illegal activities!

as reported is not worth

How to deal with collectors on the phone, so as not to hurt yourself?It is not necessary to provide any extra information.Do not let the phone company where you work, do not tell the coordinates of your home.It is not necessary to share information about relatives and friends.Many in the attempt to solve the problem reported by collectors the date of receipt of salary or the sale of real estate or property to do so not worth it.This is another reason for them to put pressure on you and intimidate.If you really came to pay the debt, you can be called the maturity date.But lawyers do not generally recommend them to pay, better to go to court, because it can significantly reduce the size of penalties.

unpleasant visit

And how to deal with collectors if they dare to strike you visit home?First of all know that you do not have to open the door and let them in your own home.The law is on your side.If they started to shout and swear, disturbing neighbors and scaring you, immediately call the police squad, a statement that you are bursting into the house, unknown citizens.Believe me, it's perfectly cool their ardor.If you do decide to talk to them, do not let them into the apartment until they give you:

  • Treaty on the assignment of your debt.
  • documents proving their identity.
  • items for which you make a complaint.
  • documents confirming the right of the organization to perform collection activities.

Usually, the conversation is terminated at this stage.But if the workers began to threaten you, write down all defiantly at the camera or recorder, invite neighbors witnesses.Experts recommend as carefully as possible to document the entire process of communication.If you write a letter, be sure to save them, and the answer sent by registered mail with a list of attached documents.An excellent way out of the problem will be to attract credit lawyer.These professionals know very well how to deal with collectors.

In any case, do not panic and give in to pressure under any circumstances, even if you are wrong.Remember that the knowledge and understanding of how to communicate with the collectors correctly - is the key to your mental health.Consult your attorney or lawyer who will protect you from attacks and helps to deal with the debt.After all, there are many algorithms for the solution of accounts payable.