How to disable the firewall for Windows 7 and what does it do?

How to disable the firewall of Windows 7?By asking this question, the owners of the PC system certainly meant a firewall, which is set in the popular "Seven" by default.

briefly that it is a standard application.The English word "firewall" and the German "firewall" is translated as "wall against fire."In our case it is the firewall, which not only protects your computer from malicious files, penetrating from the outside, but also prevents leakage of information on the Internet, that is, controls both inbound and outbound traffic.

In this case, would be a logical question: "Why give up the firewall, as a reason he installed on the system by default?" In fact, experts do not recommend disabling the firewall of Windows 7, as with the Antivirus it provides comprehensive protection, and does not conflict withlast.It should be noted that the firewall in any case is not an alternative anti-virus program.He saves from intruders, but does not scan your computer for viruses, it does not cure and does not delete them.

There is only one good reason for which you can turn off the firewall Windows 7. This change to a third-party application with similar functions.However, before you change a system service on another, you need to consider carefully.First, the firewall "Sevens" is considered to be a very reliable means of protection, in addition, it is integrated into the system designers and the most compatible with it.Secondly, we must also make sure that third-party firewall reliable routine.

So, the decision is made.We disclaim firewall, and we need information on how to disable the firewall to Windows 7. It is very easy, in fact, can be accomplished in two ways.

How to disable the firewall of Windows 7 first method?

We make habitual actions - go to "Control Panel" via "Start".Find the section "Firewall Vindovs" and open it.Here, in the column on the left select the item "Enabling and disabling the firewall."At the moment, it shows the status "Connected".We put the boxes next to the line "Disable" for the home network and the Internet.Now, the program will not run.

How to disable the firewall Windows 7, the second way?

In this case, the system is completely disconnected service "Firewall", regardless of the setting.Once again the "Start" and "Control Panel."Find the section "Administration", then "Services".A list in which you need to select the "Firewall Vindovs" and press.A window appears where you want to click "Stop".

To service will not start after you restart your computer, you want to enter the section of the "Properties" and set the type of load, in this case, "Disabled."

When you install a third-party firewall standard firewall need to be disconnected, as between these applications there is a conflict, then the computer will "hang" or "slow down."

If it is necessary to resume the firewall of Windows 7, need to make a return action.

happens that the owners are unhappy that the system firewall denies access to certain sites.Rather than rush to cancel it, it is better to change the settings and to suspicious sites to the exception list.