Effective learning of foreign languages

The world's half a billion people speak English.And if you conduct a survey, it turns out that nearly the same - it is taught.English - the language of medicine and aviation, diplomacy and science, and the world recognizes his international language.

People learn a language for years.First at school, then at university or college, and the result is at least strange.Post as many years, the majority of graduates of secondary or higher education institution can read virtually error-free texts of any complexity, but to verbalize their needs and feelings of well-not everyone can.

Why is that, and where does this meager result of more than a decade of study?Why do we need knowledge of the language at the level of "I understand everything, but I can not say," and it really is terrible, this language barrier, as it is presented?And is it true that the only real way of mastering the language can only be a complete immersion, ie, change of residence for a long time?

linguists argue that every child is born with normal ability to master the language, if you can constantly hear human speech.He was given birth by a special mechanism which allows to connect the proposal spoken by parents, a situation in which everything happens.In the future, getting into a similar situation, the baby is able to reproduce those phrases.

In this psycholinguistic mechanism based modern methods of learning foreign languages.The easiest, of course, to engage with an experienced teacher because tutoring in English include a variety of teaching methods.However, we can deal with on its own, if the proper technique to learn and develop a plan of activities.

Today the teaching of foreign languages, including, English includes many different techniques.Times are hard learning words and translate text using paper dictionaries are long gone.Current students have at their disposal a variety of adapted books, linguistic resources on the Internet, on-line translators.Very popular audio books in English, which is constantly listening in the car, at home or on the way to work, you can memorize new words and phrases quickly.

help in learning the language movies in English with Russian subtitles.Experts recommend starting with films that educate looked before, so he understands what is at stake.Then he would not have to delve into the process and distracted, and he will be able to focus directly on a foreign language.

good way to practice your English is tourism.While on holiday in another country it is recommended to try as much as possible to speak more English with employees of the hotel, a restaurant or a taxi driver, even if they have left is a minimal set of Russian words.Try more than ask questions guides or just local residents - this communication will certainly bear fruit!

And most during the development of any language - the regularity and perseverance.Let go to the goal gradually and have not fast, it is important to remember that either, the longest road begins with the first step.