How to save the battery for phones

Very often it happens that the mobile phone or other device is powered by a battery starts to simply keep his charge, and after a relatively short time period and most sits.It is very familiar to many.


immediately after being purchased batteries for phones usually hold their charge for at least 3-4 days of active use.And after not such a long period of time, this life is already reduced to 1-2 days.Many even have to put the device on the charging of the evening and the morning shoot, the evening and batteries for phones again discharged.Sounds familiar, does not it?Over time, this annoying, although charge the phone becomes a matter of habit, yet constantly so do not want to continue.

If we look at this problem in a service center, you will most likely carried out after the diagnosis it is determined that the problem with the device do not have any, but the batteries for mobile phones sometimes go wrong that way.If the replacement you are not prepared for one reason or another, it is possible to resort to different methods by which the charge will be spared.Sometimes batteries for phones that run 1-2 hours, you can apply a set of methods by which the charge will be held already for 5-6 hours.

conserves power

Without meditate, we can understand that modern devices have processors that are not just the brain just devaysa but active consumers of energy storage batteries.The first and most obvious way - is to work to ensure that your smartphone was not loaded with a lot of problems, so you should terminate all non-active processes via Task Manager, and not leave them open.All programs that are in disrepair, are working non-stop, so they, too, discharged batteries for phones.You can resort to the use of programs that can cope with such a problem, for a variety of operating systems developed its own application.

Display and charge

big screen that many have loved and appreciated on modern smartphones - a powerful energy absorbers batteries for phones.Even a 3.5-inch - it is a fairly large display and yet on the market are models in which the screen is 6 inches, and it is even more consumption.It is possible that the batteries for phones running down faster as the user likes to screen light on maximum brightness, because it looks so beautiful.Quite often, after the change in the brightness level down, you can pay attention to how the charge lasts for a longer period of time.

connections to different networks

Many users do not even pay attention to what their smartphone in an active state is a whole lot of connections that are not being used.In particular, this applies to the mobile Internet, which is not always necessary if the phone just is in the pocket, distributing the Internet over Wi-Fi may be required only if you are working on a laptop, but otherwise she only eats the battery for the phone can oftenprovided Bluetooth enabled, even if currently there is no need.

If any of these services you do not need at the moment, try to disable it so that it does not just spend the charge.Any data transmission methods are quite energy-consuming processes, so it is possible you need to disable them.


Quite often users listen to music from your phone through headphones do not, and are used to this dynamic.It also strongly draws energy from the device.If you have the opportunity to use a headset, you should use it.In the absence of such a possibility is to buy such a device, the battery is charging the phone.This is a pretty useful device by which you will be provided with work device in the way.

Conclusion In the end, we can say that no one has repealed this item as a full charging and discharging to zero.All this also contributes to the stable operation of not only the device but also the battery.In general, all the examples shown here, it can help to save battery power.