Sell ​​the idea in 60 seconds, or how to generate "a business from scratch"

How to convince investors to invest in your idea?This was told the book's authors Startup Weekend - the creators of the eponymous non-profit organization to support beginning businessmen ...

In 2007, Americans Mark Neydzher, Clint Nielsen and Frank Nuriga held a series of 2-day event for professionals and entrepreneurs interested inthe creation of "a business from scratch."The purpose of the event - the exchange of experience, opinions and ideas, as well as search for like-minded artists and investors for a startup.In fact, to speak out, each participant was given just 60 seconds.

When we started to develop the program start-up weekend, then choose 60 seconds to participants were heavier, and not because we like the look of panic on their faces when they see how fast moving hand (although this bitfunny).We did so for practical reasons: to enable us to talk to people about their ideas for more Friday meeting never would have ended.

However, there is a more compelling reason: during a trip in the elevator have the opportunity to explain to a complete stranger what your company is just about 60 seconds (sometimes even less, if you go low).When the minute is over, you start to lose the attention of a stranger.Even if you have planned a longer conversation, use the correct advice of your teacher senior year: the theme of the first paragraph should be bright.People are distracted, if you do not take possession of their attention from the very first words that flew out of your mouth.

So it is best to make these 60 seconds saturated.Here are the tips we give our participants Friday "DM", as we call it, with respect to the questions that they should answer in his speech to make good use of their allotted time:

1. 5-10 seconds: who are you?

2. 10-20 seconds: what problem solves your product / service?

3. 10-20 seconds: what is the solution?

4. 5-10 seconds: who you want on the team?

In our experience, the participants tend to focus too much on the first question: who you are.Of course, when you talk about the idea of ​​a startup, the audience really wants to know about you something: for example, whether you have experience in this field.Suppose a person is going to create a company that will send children every month in the mail a toy surprise, and at the same time said that working in the industry for the production of toys, - of course, in this case, his idea will be met with great confidence.But the participants of our meetings are not very interested in, where you grew up and went to school, and even then, graduated or not.You can let them know where you come from, and give further details, but only if it is relevant or how you feel, such as "inflame" the audience.

better as quickly as possible to move to the main.The most important part of the speech - is to explain the problem so that people understand it.Once on the scene he stood party and said that recently bought a birthday gift to his girlfriend.It costs expensive gift, but as was presented, then, according to him, she looked at him as if he kicked puppy.In general, the girl is not happy.His idea was to create a site that would help men to choose gifts for your favorite women, and to "sell" the idea of ​​the audience after his story was easy.Who are the men do not find themselves in this situation?Everyone wanted to participate in the development of "Menshoppera."

Another entrepreneur has publicly declared that it irritates a conference call: who does not come across that or he forgets about the designated session, or wait endlessly until the bond will your partner!The process is unpleasant matter, responsible for organizing it you or someone else.The present solution to this problem was based on playing in the tube all the participants of the conference call will automatically generate a message announcing the start of it, and with the requirement to enter a six-digit code to connect to a common line.When the speaker said that he knew a way to make sure that your phone is ringing at the start of the session, then conquered all present.

If you're going to explain to someone (the audience, investor or spouse) about a problem, you should think of it in terms of problems.Everything else does not matter.It is important that people want, but can not communicate with each other.It is important that people are not satisfied with the service you receive, and are looking for something better.

example.What can you say in 60 seconds

10 seconds.- Who are you My name is Jen, I'm a software developer on the platform Ruby on Rails.I also love cupcakes!

20 seconds.- What do you want (problem)

I would like to help people with diabetes.Now the world of this disease affecting over 170 million people.Pre-diabetes is a condition where some reasons for the diagnosis "diabetes" is already there.This is the spread of the epidemic in the country reached more than 57 million Americans.

20 seconds.- What offer (decision) I want to monitor the geographical distribution of cases of pre-diabetes.Then we construct a map, updated in real time.The goal - to provide information about the issue.I also would like to provide people with the symptoms of pre-diabetes the opportunity to communicate with each other by means of a mobile application and get help.

10 seconds.- What you need?(Conclusion) I need people with medical experience, even designer and someone who wants to or can make an application for a mobile phone.Let's save lives together!

Sometimes it's a very serious question: for example, it is known that many people would like to provide shelter to victims of natural disasters, but they have no way of contacting each other.This was the main start-up weekend in Denver (Colorado), in October 2010, proposed the project "Quick Help".During forest fires in California, he lost his house and wanted to help other people who find themselves in the same situation.And now the "Quick Help" "enables communities and organizations the ability to quickly share accurate information and assistance to victims of natural disasters."About wrote magazine Times, he was supported by his contributions to people from all corners of the earth, and he was able to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011.

But do not worry, you can offer a solution and a "terrestrial" problems.For example, this: Do you like to watch TV together with your friends?And how to do it, if not you?With the application "Internet TV", which allows you to view the program and communicate in chat, of course.

offers a solution in one sentence

So what could be the solution?You should read it in one sentence.For a moment, forget about all the cool features that you would like to add, and focus on the product itself.As he decides to designated your problem?If you are well formulated it, you will easily be able to explain its decision.

Now it's time to create a brand for your product.Declare the name of your company's future.Even if it is about to change, it is important that people can remember it right now.When participants complete their 60-second speech, without naming the project, we usually ask to do so, saying the first thing that comes to mind.Since the audience will listen to the idea of ​​an idea, you need to give her something that will be remembered and will distinguish you from the crowd.

Who came?

Here are some of the slogans project start-up weekend:

• «123DressMi": Style with a smile!

• «Fudspotting": the best dishes and where to find them.

• «Dzhayent Tinkvell": fast, funny and addictive game.

• «Kipstrim": Organize your tweets.

• «LaunchRok": create a minute virus page "start soon."

• «Memoleyn" See, look, and tell me about yourself.

• «Roukbot" Stand DJ.

• «SuperMermayt": the best cook in the county.

• «Task Avenue": remember that you need to do, where it should be done.

Perhaps investors and representatives of venture capital funds do not have to get acquainted with the ideas of fifty or seventy-five people a day, but certainly they have a lot to communicate - especially considering the number of people willing to talk to them to learn at a party or in a bar on the way their activities.But your audience (and at start-up weekend, and elsewhere) consists not only of investors.Do not forget the consumers!Think about how many information about our products and services every day, every hour and every minute bombarded by e-mail, SMS, tweet, phone calls, advertising on TV, billboards and even advertisements on bus bodies.You need a name to distinguish its product from others.

All of these tips on the content of speech would do well to learn.However, that being said, a necessary but not sufficient condition for success - because they still need enthusiasm.Even if you're the last person in the queue wanting to describe your product (and sometimes), you need to convince with the same passion and energy, as well as the first speaker.By participating in the start-up weekend, you're trying to convince people to work with you to devote the next two days of his life.In real life, you want them to even greater enthusiasm.So you need to get excited about the idea and be able to enthrall her others.

Many participants startup weekends told us that performances began to receive them only after several attempts, that is, they had to attend several meetings before they can truly masterfully convey the idea to the audience.But even if you do not feel enthusiastic about your idea, try to talk about it still stands.

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