Women's appeal, or someone chosen by men

Men - being a visual type, so the appearance of women playing a leading role for them.Personality - this is certainly important, but the man makes the first choice only on the basis of external data.

Moreover, we evaluate our male body the first 10 seconds of meeting (it is almost instantaneous!) And after 4 minutes they understand us should start a serious relationship or not.

* What kind of signals are sent to men women's appearance?
* What looks men find most attractive?
* And in the eyes of men find most attractive appearance?

about it today!

Some women are attracted to men, and others - no.Why is this happening?This evolution is to blame, who taught men to quickly calculate a suitable partner.And we women are doing well - just after 4 minutes of the meeting we already understand, we like the man or not.

ordinary biological signals are much stronger than the point at which "a person must first talk."

First of all, a man attracted to women signs that say about health.Behind them are the ones that talk about a woman's fertility - that is, its ability to continue the race, to bear and bring up healthy children.

Strong chest

If you think that men are attracted large female breasts, you're wrong!The fact is that large breasts - a large percentage of fat that adversely affects the ability of women to breastfeeding.

Know that men are not attracted by the size, but rather the shape of the breast.The ideal breast, in terms of men, should be:

issued, that is, not saggy.Sagging breasts - a sign of illness, so she pushes men.

with protruding nipples and areola bright.These nipples talk about good tone breasts and her great sensitivity.Furthermore, such a nipple easily seized on the lips baby.The flat, pale nipples - alas, not what men like.

What: looking for the right bra, well supported breasts.What are your nipples, a man can be seen only on closer acquaintance - so try to catch it with something else, except his bust!Rest assured - the shape of the nipple has any man a woman would not leave ...

elastic body

elastic body speaks of a strong women's health and great endurance.Moreover, the body must be strong - that's why women like sports such as men more than women with boyish figures.

have attractive women - expressed ass, again, talking about the ability to bear offspring.Hip ratio to the volume of the waist should be about 70% - this suggests that female pelvis is wide enough for the baby's birth.

woman belly should be flat - this indicates that the woman is not pregnant, and therefore it is possible to fertilize!

What: work on your body!An elastic body, rounded buttocks, slim waist and flat tummy - it's just the result of good work on oneself.

Long legs

Why do men of all time considered sexy long legs?Because long legs suggest willingness of women to bear children.

The fact that children are much shorter legs of the body, and at puberty legs begin to grow rapidly.The legs are long - the woman is ready for motherhood.

men are attracted not the legs, and the place where they connect.Therefore, the length of the legs gives space for male fantasies - and miniskirts contribute to this!

If we talk about the shape of the legs, men prefer women with rounded feet - they are different from men's feet.

What: Make sure that your legs look longer.How?With clothes!

sweet face

Most men are attracted to a person, like a child: with big eyes, small nose, plump lips, rounded cheeks and small chin.Such persons cause male subconscious desire to care for the woman to protect her, to touch her.

Such persons draw in the anime and manga, so it made the famous Barbie doll.

eyes that attract men should be big, shiny, with dilated pupils, with arched eyebrows - all this says about the interest of the man and is for him a kind of signal the readiness of women to make contact.

What: course, every woman - personality, and there is no point in trying to bring ourselves to the masculine ideal of feminine beauty.However, something that we can, namely, to identify those areas of the face, which "catch" on his men's views.These are the eyes and lips.Properly use cosmetics, learn how to set accents in makeup.

Long hair

long women's hair has always talked about the beauty of women, and in ancient times, is clearly different from a woman who whatsoever.

In our century, oddly enough, almost nothing has changed - long hair still like men more than any others.Moreover, they need to be healthy, shiny without dandruff - it says about women's health.

What: think a hundred times before you cut your hair shorter.Want to make your hair long - now in vogue treatments on hair extensions.Take care of the health of the hair - it depends on them your female attractiveness!

This article describes male preference, however please note that all of these preferences fairly standardized.Every man in the head sits its image of an attractive woman - and maybe this is your appearance!

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