Which case answers the question: "How?"

Russian language is one of the most difficult for foreigners and at the same time the richest in the world.It gives it a special brightness adjectives.No other language has so many shades, because it is through this part of the speech can convey the beauty and nature of the subject matter described.

With adjective introduce children in primary school.At first, the kids will learn only about what questions are answered this part of the speech.And in high school already affect more complex subject - to study it is necessary to recall any case in the Russian language are used for the decline of various parts of speech.

little about the school program.What questions do plagues?

The school provides learning six cases that have questions.In order to make it easier for children to learn such seemingly strange name, the teacher offers various poems composed of the first letters.For example: Ivan (nominative) fathered (genitive) girl (dative), ordered (accusative) to drag (instrumental) diaper (preposition


To deal with the theme of decline adjectives, you need to remember what questions of cases presented in the study curriculum list:

Him.n. - Who?What?

R. n. - Who?What?

D. n. - Who?What?

V. n. - Who?What?

T. n. - What?What?

P. n. - Of whom?About what?

It is thanks to the possibility to put the question the way you can determine how it is used in the nominative sentence.However, sometimes there are difficult cases when the proposed list does not include the desired option.For example, a case answers the question: "How?" In the above list do not.To answer, you need to deal with the decline of adjectives.

How inclined adjectives

to start from the proposal is necessary to select all the adjectives, that is, the words that define the feature of an object, describe it and answer the questions: "What?" "What?" "What? "or" What? ยป

For example bright dawn rose lazily over the sleeping city.

Adjectives this proposal - bright (what?) And sleep (how?).To determine which case answers the question "how" and "what" you need to understand to what noun tied these adjectives.

Bright Dawn - here noun answers the question: "What?", It appears that the nominative case.Accordingly, the word "bright" is in the nominative case.

over the sleeping city - here noun answers the question: "Over what?", You can find it in the list (it refers to the instrumental case).So the answer to the question: "What case answers the question" how? "," Is very simple: if the noun is in the instrumental case, the adjective associated with it leaning in this case is similar.

The systematic scheme for determining mortality adjective looks like this:

  • Record proposal and highlight all the adjectives.
  • determine which nouns mentioned above is a part of speech communication, namely, the signs of the object it describes.Typically, the two parts of speech in a sentence are together, they can also be attached preposition.
  • Identify deaths selected nouns.At this point, you need to pay attention to the fact that the nominative and accusative to inanimate objects have a general question - "what?".In order not to confuse them, the proposal is necessary to distinguish the grammatical basis.
  • rules of the Russian language state that the case of adjectives is the same as that of nouns associated with it.

Instead of conclusion

At first glance, this issue is very simple and does not require in-depth study, but this opinion is not entirely true.After all, thanks to the knowledge of the case system, you can build a competent speech.Often it is because of the lack of such basic knowledge it is impossible to correctly describe the sign of the desired object.Learn their mother tongue, to delve into all the details, remember that little things do not happen here.After all, it's nice to know that even if you raise the middle of the night and asked, "And what case answers the question" how? "," You will be able to give a clear and correct answer - instrumental!