What is the electric breast pumps.

Most young mothers confirm that the breast is a necessary item in the period of breastfeeding.Experiences, lack of sleep, stress - all this leads to the fact that the milk begins to disappear.The only effective way to solve this problem - modern electric breast pumps.

what it is

Breast Pump - a special device with capacity and vacuum packed.The latter provides pumping breast milk.Using a breast pump to normalize lactation and gives an opportunity to form reserves of breast milk.It is almost essential for mothers who are often unable to feed the baby breast.In such cases, a woman can express her milk beforehand and store it in a sterilized container in the refrigerator or freezer.

Works breast as follows: Pressing the tab is squeezed the air, resulting in the device there is pressure.Under his influence the flow of breast milk.

Depending on the operating principle of the two types of breast pumps:

  • mechanical or hand - operated only by manual pressing;
  • electric breast pumps - running on batteries.

Use past simple.With their help, pumping milk is automatic.The only thing that is important to consider while using an electric breast pump - in some models there is no adjustment of the compression force.Because of this, a woman may experience pain.

advantages and disadvantages

Milk power can be considered a miracle of technology, which helps to establish breastfeeding.They are very popular among modern mothers due to such advantages:

  • high productivity with minimal time;
  • free hand, which allows you to do anything else during pumping and just relax;
  • minimum physical effort;
  • ease of use;
  • opportunity to express milk at the same time both breasts.

Despite all these advantages, some women make their choice in favor of hand-held devices.Thus, electric breast pumps have the following disadvantages:

  • motor noise during operation - although the hum softly, but can disturb mom and baby;this drawback is felt particularly when the appliance is used at night;
  • complete dependence on the power source, so this type of device is not suitable for use on the road;
  • high cost.

Milk power "AventĀ»

Among all available on the market the most popular devices are the brand Philips Avent.The products of this brand are high quality, and most importantly - is absolutely secure.So, for the manufacture of breast pumps manufacturer uses a high-quality polypropylene.This material is safe for health and do not react chemically with milk.

Milk power "Avent" are compact in size and is very comfortable to use.An important advantage of the devices of this brand is considered to be ease of assembly.It is also very easy to wash them carried out.

Devices brand Medela

little cheaper electric breast pumps are Medela.They are considered an excellent option for single pumping.Despite the lower cost, devices of this brand are not inferior in quality to even the most expensive models.

Power Medela breast pumps operate on the principle of natural suckling.It is very important to restore and maintain lactation.

Notably manufacturer of electric breast pumps are the most popular models of Mini Electric and Swing Maxi.The first is compact, affordable price and the ability to adjust the pumping.Swing Maxi model is much more expensive, but allows you to express milk from both breasts simultaneously.Important advantages include quiet operation model, the adjustment mode of rhythm and presence of protection against ingress of milk in the motor.

User reviews

Many women during pregnancy interested in issues of breastfeeding.More experienced moms who already have a child can do without this device.But those who are waiting for the firstborn, have a lot of questions.In order to facilitate the possible difficulties with breastfeeding, women buy electric breast pumps.Comments about these devices only positive.Highest least moms appreciated the simplicity and ease of use.Thus, most women immediately after the birth problems with lactation.Milk or does not arrive, or insufficient.Through electric breast pumps women have the ability to quickly feed a child who has not yet learned how to suckle.Also mom to assess the ability of the device to normalize lactation.In some women, a child refuses to take the breast.Due to an electric breast pump for a long time they were able to keep the breast milk.


First of all it should be noted that all electric models are more expensive than ordinary hand.This is due to the technical features of the device.Furthermore, the cost significantly affect brand manufacturer that produces electrical breast pumps.

their price ranges from 3 to 16 thousand rubles.For high-quality two-phase device would have to pay an average of 7000 rubles.