In the "Oscar" meet on clothes.

«Oscar» took place, it was time to "debriefing".Of course, it's not about the talent received prizes stars and not even about the winning films.This all had a good long talk before the ceremony, because everyone knew who and what claims.
No, the main secret of "Oscar" was outfits priberezhёnnye celebrities for the red carpet awaited ceremony.And only for her.Toilets were kept secret and no one demonstrated even during the pre-parties.

And last card open.But who brought it - admiration and to whom - sorry.People magazine has made a list of three.One of them includes the best outfits in the other - not bad, and finally - a list of products tasteless unlucky couturier.Let us take a quick look at the results.

Among the best turned out, by the way, George Clooney and his girlfriend Sarah Larson.Clooney was the traditional black tuxedo, do not represent anything outstanding, but a blue dress with pink flowers, put his girlfriend - it is really a work of art.Tastefully combining these two colors is not easy.

Many stars chose the color of the dress carpet.It does not always turned out well, but Miley Cyrus red chiffon Valentino looked very impressive.And Jessica Alba came very royal purple (also a very risky choice!).It looked very elegant "black couple" - Johnny Depp and his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis (Paradise), with which he still can not formalize the relationship.It is known that John plays gloomy macho, trying to divert attention from its beautiful appearance.Well, the ceremony of "Oscar", he was also gloomy and, as before, I could not hide anything.

were failures.Model Heidi Klum, one of the selected red, clearly went through with that color.Tilda Swinton in the likeness of a black toga looked, frankly, weird.Cameron Diaz was too lightweight and too skin-tight dress, it is not appropriate to the color of her hair and figure.

Perhaps award winning films and roles will be forgotten.But who in what came to be remembered for a long time!

Photo source: People